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    Default Greetings from Australia

    Hi, I'm a university student from eastern Australia. I'm studying computer science, I enjoy programming, and I love playing Minecraft and puzzle-type games. I'd say that I'm scientifically-minded. I don't get out much, though I do enjoy riding a bike. I'm the nerdy type, not the sporty type.

    I'm also a furry. My fursona is a lion, and I'm fairly active in the fur community. I know a number of others here are also furries, so hello to you all!

    I came to this site because I'm curious about diapers. I've not yet had the chance to experiment, but I'd like to, and I decided that ADISC could help me out in my explorations.

    I'd like to thank calibf (aka tokie) for introducing me to ADISC.

    That's me!

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    G'day, mate!

    Sorry, I just wanted to say that - I actually don't have much else to say

    You sound quite interesting, and there are a thousand-and-one furries and/or gamers, so you won't be short of friends here!

    Hope we can help you with your DL side, too!

    Welcome and get stuck in!

    Dan x

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    hello, ive been to the oz a few times to SCUBA dive and i'm a fellow fur. theres alot of us(furs that is) on here
    enjoy your stay

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