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    It's now June 8'th, in the year of 2011. Roughly 6 months ago, I saw myself in a very different light. A (mostly) innocent boy of about 15 years old, curious about the growing world around him. With an increasing fanbase circling around me, and trying to get myself out of a small, thick, closed up shell of a life, it was only a matter of time before I actually came across the furry fandom. But, my journey as a furry actually began a little while before that! So, I thought that, with my first convention coming up, I'd take a look back and share a few things with those of you out there who are, or aren't furries. Maybe this'll be something cool, or maybe it'll just be another random stupid post! Whatever the case, I'm writing it, and I can simply hope that others will care enough to read.

    *Que Better Days, by Paul Doucette... sit down at the keyboard properly, annnnd... BEGIN! *

    I think that my first experiences involving the fandom were actually negative ones, to be honest. I'm not about to say that, "Oh, I've liked the fandom since I heard about it!" because that simply isn't true. I'm also not one of the people around the fandom who've had 'furry experiences' or 'furry attributes' from since I was younger. My first experiences, if memory serves, was actually in VERY early 2010 to late 2009. Back in Christmas of 09, I'd gotten my first PERSONAL computer. It was mine, not for anyone else to touch. After a while of searching on the net, I came across a few websites. One of them had the gamertags of a couple of TBs. I decided to message one of them, and met my first TB friend named Matt. I know for a fact that Matt was a furry from the last time I talked to him, which, sadly was a while ago. That said, I don't remember him ever showing me anything furry related from when we first met. He did, however, introduce me to another friend of his.

    To be honest, I don't remember the guys name. I have a hunch that I know who it is, but due to me not knowing for sure, I'll keep my mouth shut on the name. The person that I met, though, was a bit... well. I think that Uncle Kage said it pretty well when he used the term "Uncle Frank." The guy was nice enough, but didn't quite have much... restraint. He would CONSTANTLY send me messages of furry related stuff- from pics, to stories, ETC ETC. My first reaction to furry art was "why am I looking at a wolf wearing a diaper? THE FUCK?!"

    Not exactly the best of reactions, I'll admit.

    From the start, the furry fandom seemed very creepy to me. Now, remember, without media influence in regards to the fandom, my only opinion of it was pretty pure, and personal. I'd never heard about it before, and I was a little weird-ed out because it was getting shoved in my face.

    Over time, that certain 'friend' of mine, I suppose, stopped chatting with me. Or maybe it was vice versa? Who knows. Whatever the case, we stopped talking, and the furry fandom left my brain and thought trail. It wasn't long, though, before I decided to start putting myself out there more. I join Gaia Online, and was soon introduced to the infantilist guild. Before long, I knew tons of people of all different theologies, ethnicity, mentalities and beyond. Of course, there were again, furries. Fuckin' furries >:C

    So, of course, the idea of furries sprung up once again. I started finding it less weird, but, it still wasn't something I wanted to concentrate too long on. It just wasn't, for the time, for me.

    Then, in august of 2010, I was actually able to contact one of the best friends I've ever made. Jake S. Rabbit, AKA Baby Jake. I didn't really know he was a furry, and that subject never really came up. Then, we started skyping. Before long, I began talking to another one of the most awesome people I've ever met in my life- Blake, AKA Atsu Fawx. You see, he's not a fox. He's a Fawx. GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE! >:C

    So, as we began to talk, the idea of furry once again came up. Jake was a furry, Blake was a furry, and at this point I was a lot more open-minded. It was still weird, but I was giving it a chance. Before long, we started discussing how Jake and Blake had gotten quite a few commissions, and eventually, I started browsing Furaffinity. It was... interesting to say the least. I still didn't like the idea of me being a furry. I didn't understand it, really. I'll never forget what Blake and Jake said to me about it, though.

    Being a furry isn't something specific. It isn't something that you have to follow a criteria to become. You kinda just are one one day, ya go 'holy shit! I'm a furry!' and roll with it. You can do it for fun, for pleasure, for lulz, for whatever. It's all still furry.

    When explained to me like that, so vaguely yet so specifically, I started to get it. Then I got offered by our group (A mixture of myself, Jake, Blake, and our amazing friend Aero) to get some sketch work of my fursona. Only problem was... I didn't really have one! I thought about it for a moment, and decided I was gonna do something unique. Unique to mean has always just meant something opposite the norm. So, I decided to kind of do something pretty opposite to everyone else.

    I switched the color of Jake's fursona to their polar opposites, since his color scheme seemed to work so well. A vibrant red detail and a mostly black body seemed pretty cool! Then, I thought about species. Besides Jake, the rest of our crew were some kind of dog-related creature; a wolf and a fox, to be exact. Since I already had my color from the idea of polarizing Jake's fursona, I said "screw it, I'll go opposite of Blake and Aero!" And thus, I used a lion as my fursona. That fursona has stuck with me ever since, and to this day roughly six months later, he's still my fursona. At that point, though difficult to do so... I admitted I was a furry.

    Over the course of the next months, it was decided that I'd try to go to Anthrocon. For those of you who don't know, Anthrocon is the world's BIGGEST furry convention. As of this moment, I'm going. Train tickets have been bought, my notary has been signed and stamped, and now I'm ready to get out of here! Pre-registration is also complete, and the only expense left is paying for my room. I'm quite excited!

    So, that's my story. What's yours? Drop a response, or a link to your response below!


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    I've been interested in, erm...nappies since I was young, like 2 or 3.
    Around 12 I started surfing the interwebs for ^ stories and art.

    I don't remember when, but I found out about babyfur art. This really intrigued me.
    I started drawing babyfur stuff recently. I was like, "Well, I want a fursona."

    I found ADISC 2 months ago, realized I'm not a creepy pedo-type dude, (I hope! :3) and am now accepting myself as I is!

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    Well, after Sammy told me he was, and I got into it (TBDL) he told me about furaffinity. I went on there, and I don't really know how it happened, but it turned out I'm one too. Depending on mood, I can be anywhere from a fox to a wolf. Really not much of a story, I guess, compared to Mikey's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hal0ispwnd View Post
    Well, after Sammy told me he was, and I got into it (TBDL) he told me about furaffinity. I went on there, and I don't really know how it happened, but it turned out I'm one too. Depending on mood, I can be anywhere from a fox to a wolf. Really not much of a story, I guess, compared to Mikey's.
    I'm a writer :p I can take a 30 second story and stretch it in a 30 minute story.

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    Not much to tell, I have always loved anthro art and animals. Had seens bits and pieces of the fandom but never really looked into it, seeing as I was one of the people who thought it was all sexual. After time I decided to give it a shot, I put a lot of thought into my fursona. Which like it or not is unique and what makes it that way is that it is mine and nobody elses, I don't need it to have any special details or whatever.

    I'm going to Rocky Mountain Fur Con in August. I got a tail from Cloudy off of FA for almost $100

    *Note, That is not me in the picture...I have yet to get a good pic of myself.*

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyman View Post
    What was the name of that chat friend you speak of?
    You need to go back and read the post. I said that I don't remember his name...

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    lol sry -_-;; just curious it sounded familiar.

    Me, ive always been into odd things. Realized i was into odd things at a very young age. My sexuality kind of formed before I could handle it. Refused to accept my DL/furry/bdsm side for many years till it started causing problems. More recently been getting into simply accepting what I feel and what I am into by doing simple things like buying collars and being more open with my parents and friends about my identity. For me DL and furryism are more comforting than sexual, it takes the edge off of what I now know to be caused by my bpd.

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