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Thread: Westboro Baptist has no respect

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    Default Westboro Baptist has no respect

    Westboro Baptist is coming to my hometown to protest outside a military funeral at my former high school which I graduated from in 1995. What bothers me is these dillweeds think they can get away with it, just because of the Supreme court case they won.

    Military families deserve peace and respect, they deserve NOT to have nutbags out there protesting their WRONG version of the Bible.

    What they do is WRONG. PLAIN AND SIMPLE, WRONG. I've researched, studied Westboro and I find fault with a lot of what they say. What they say is so damn wrong it's not funny. Fred Phelps has lost it. Nothing matchs what I've read in the Bible. NOTHING. I stuided my Bible so I could find evidence of any shred of truth to their beliefs- and I'm not much of a Christian either but I grew up as one.

    Yet, Thursday morning they're coming. They're lucky I won't be there- I gotta be at a previous commitment- 'cause I would toss eggs at them. I'm willing to spend the money I don't have on eggs on those asswipes.

    They have no respect. NONE.

    Fuckit, I'm wearing my USS Nimitz cap for the next few days and not my usual Cleveland Indians or Kent State baseball cap. I'm doing that to show my respect to the solider who died in Afghanistan. I was hoping these creepwads would stay away.


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    They came to my high school to do some kind of anti-gay demonstration but thankfully they got rained out or something. Or maybe it wasn't a good idea to be obnoxious in a slummy part of town.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The WBC are on the top ten list of reasons why I am not a Christian.

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    I am a Christian - but I really wonder if the people at Westboro Baptist are? I guess Butterfly Mage has a lot of other reasons to reject Christianity, but it pains me that a dysfunctional oufit who major on discrimination should be taken so seriously. You can't ignore WBO but that does not mean they have general acceptance in Christian circles.

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    i swore to myself that if they ever came to lexington ky id drop bricks on them from rooftop.yeah freedom of speach is good and all that but what about harassment? hideing behind religion for the right to values! hate is the most inportent one.

    im not big on anarchy but anyone who can needs to think about protesting the protests,drag queens,street punks,club kids and all others comeing togather to shut them down by force.

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    I am so sorry to hear that. =(

    I heard about that so called church group. I agree, they have no respect at all. I can't wait when a member of WBC dies, then other people can picket on their funeral and see how WBC feel about that. I am surprised that they aren't in jail yet! Also, real churches don't even want to have any part of WBC at all because of all of that hatred from them.

    I am glad they are banned from Canada (and UK) from what I heard.

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    Westboro Baptist Church is f***in' crazy.
    I'm really curious, how they could possibly think this is a Godly thing to do.

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    Are these the nutcases that were on Louis Theroux a couple of times?
    You could hijack their protest and turn it into a whole event that'll make them look like even bigger idiots. Here's how you do that:

    Put out seats, arrange for some foodcarts to sell hotdogs and ice cream to the spectators. Put out flyers to get as much people as possible and try to get them in on not engaging these Westboro freaks in debates or getting angry at them or anything, because that's exactly what they expect and want. Instead, just sit there and watch them. Laugh at them if possible. You could even have an announcer to explain the 'action on the field' to the spectators, for added effect. Basically turn it into as much a spectator as you can. "Look people there she comes again.. straight into the action. Oh look, people she has a new sign.. let's see what it reads... " If you make them look as ridiculous as possible at their own event a couple of times, they'll think twice before coming out like that again. But it would take a lot of organisation to pull off.. i'd love to be there if I could, though. lol. And a military funeral wouldn't be the best place to do it of course. I think it's best to try and ignore them as much as possible. They're out to get a negative reaction, so if they get that, even if it's the beatdown or egg to the face they so deserve, they win because they got their attention.

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    These nutcases showed up too a marine funeral procession in my really small town everyone whent to the funeral and they had a huge procession of cops firefighters and family members and marines they blocked the road that that procession was taking with there protest crap and they found out what happens when you piss off 35 marines and many marine vets I hope they learned and won't be showing up in my town anymore

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    Two things:

    One-I'm sure that the people saying they'd throw eggs or bricks or whatever were speaking facitiously, but seriously, be careful with that stuff. One of the things the gay blogosphere has learned is that the religious right will pull anything remotely resembling a call to violence out of context and claim they are being threatened. Also, the WBC specifically is able to keep doing what they're doing because people attack them. Most of the Phelpses are actual lawyers (Fred is disbarred, but the kids are lawyers, and IIRC Shirley is too). They sue anyone that throws anything at them or punches them or whatever, and they do that to extract money from the assailant, which they then use to continue on protesting.

    Two-I maintain the Phelpses are one of the best things to happen to the gay rights movement and other things WBC opposes. They have become such characatures of "legitimate" protest that it's hard to take them seriously. They mostly serve to show the unvarnished hatred that is usually much more hidden and controlled. The WBC makes people realize that whatever WBC is for, normal sane people should oppose and vice versa.

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