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    Does anyone play Maple Story? Just wondering, that's all. I played that for years but not anymore since Nov. 2010. However, I still have my Nexon account though, just in case I decide to return someday, instead of starting all over. Only reason I love the game because it have adorable looking characters. hehe.

    I quit the game because most players are being rude and stupid. There are nice ones too but it's rare to see one. Also, for some reason, the game left a trojan virus on my computer and it was difficult to fix afterwards.

    My fiancee, on other hand, plays WoW. She is trying to convince me to join there... =P Anyone play WoW too?

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    I occasionally play the USA/Canada version(GMS). I play KMS(Korea) more, and I have a small blog, the most views I've ever gotten in one day was 1800+ . But if you want to check out the blog contact me, but be warned that nobody on there knows about my infantilism. SO DONT MENTION IT!

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