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    Not sureif this in the right place but i have always wondered why they have cute prints on baby wipes. I don't think those cute animals would really like to be wiping a rusty sherrifs badge and poop just wondering.

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    Im guessing it has something to do with marketing and when they have those designs people know there for babies and changing diapers

    Could be off

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    I guess there are all sorts of marketing ploys - remember the toilet paper printed with cross word puzzles?

    People sell incontinence wipes that cost a lot more than baby wipes which work out a lot cheaper - but the ones I get are in a plain packet and nothing printed on them.

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    Yeah, I never understood that, either. That, or why they try to have characters or designs that children will like on diapers in the first place... kids, do you want to crap on your favorite cartoon characters?

    Really, though, it is all about marketing, as far as I can see... that simple.

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    Hmm, all the babywipes I've ever used are plain white. The ouside cases usually have cartoon characters but I've never used any printed wipes. I imagine since parents go through wipes so fast they they usually *don't* print them, thus making them cheaper....

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    it doesn't matter but i understand marketing it is just a random though that goes through my screwed up head lol thank you all for your replies

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    The only company I know to have patterned baby wipes are Huggies and I hate them they are too small and smell god awful much prefer pampers or Johnson's but I accept to agree most wipes are for cleaning up dirty diapers but when kids use them to clean hands or face they see the pattern and must be like teddy wipes! so when they next get wipes they will be like mummy or daddy i want the ones with teddy bears on them

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