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Thread: Long or short?

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    Default Long or short?

    How would you like your hair? Long, short, curly, straight? How bout color?

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    Personally, I would rather have long straight hair, but a shade darker then I have now :-p

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    Being a working adult, I keep it sort of short, but it always grows out during the year. When I was in college it was down to my shoulders. Power to the people!

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    Long! Flying in the wind in the 70s and tied in a tail the last two decades.

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    i like mine long and dark green,too bad its short and brown now,il grow it back out this year.

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    I work in a factory, so I keep it really short, but I'd really like to have my hair in different shades of red.

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    Long and deep black (everything else would make me look stupid ^^)

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    Haha I like my hair at the moment.

    Natural blonde, enough natural curl that I can make sure it dries curly if I want it to, but not so much that I can't also dry it straight!

    Kapow! I love having a Dutch father, that's the only decent thing I've inherited!

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