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Thread: Wetting more than once in a diaper?

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    Question Wetting more than once in a diaper?

    Most reviews I've seen, and many comments from users frequently mention how many times you can wet in a certain brand/ kind of diaper.

    I was wondering how many diaper users use their diaper more than once before changing, and why. (Or, adversely, who you change after one use).

    I don't like Shin to stay in his more than about 30 minutes, mainly for sanitary reasons (and I wouldn't let a real child sit in a wet diaper) and I'm sort of confused.

    EDIT: He is uncircumcised, and I was thinking it would be harder to clean/ easier to get an infection if he stayed in it more than an hour.

    I am more interested in *B/DL reasons, even though incontinent people are more than welcome to put in their 2 cents.
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    Adult diapers... and adult skin for that matter... are different from baby diapers and baby skin. I know a lot of parents that will change a diaper at the first sign of wetness b/c baby might get a rash.

    While this is true... typically adult skin is much more rash resistant... and with the proper application of powder/cream as needed an adult can stay in a wet diaper all day with no problems at all.

    The Dry 24/7 "Max Absorbancy" diapers that I use for nights & weekends will absorb tons. They last 8 hours easy and can be pushed to 10 hours without leaking. Why waste something like that?

    I shower twice a day and shave my diaper area regularly... I also allow myself a period of 1-2 hours per day undiapered to allow my skin to get some air. This has been extremely effective in preventing any kind of irritation. I don't use creams at all... and rarely ever use powder.

    The only problems I have ran into are from staying in a messy diaper for too long. The bacteria in feces can and will irritate your skin very rapidly... so changing out of a messy one ASAP is suggested.

    If he's just wet... leave him be until he leaks... that way you are getting the most out of the diaper.

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    We shave him pretty regularly, and I'm just worried that diaper rash, on top of razor burn, would be extremely horrible.

    I always apply liberal amounts of powder, and I've been letting him stay in them longer without freaking out, now I think it's mostly the psychological/ emotional affect for me.

    To me, changing a wet diaper doesn't seem like a waste, but we also get pretty cheap diapers. if we paid $1+ for one, I could see how letting him wear it all day would make more sense.

    Leaving someone in a diaper just seems so cruel to me, like, why would you put your child through that? It just seems like punishment or neglect, because I think of him as my responsibility.

    I don't think he would mind wearing it longer, I just will have to take "baby steps" and let him go longer each time.

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    When I put a diaper on it's usually there untill it leaks, so that could be 4 hours or more, after awhile of wetting yourself I find you skin is more seasoned, and do not get rashes as frequently as someone who uses only now and then.

    I haven't used diaper cream in at least a year, I don't use powder because it seems to always make the tapes slip or not hold at all.

    In the very beginning I was getting some rash, I just put some neosporen on it and it was usually gone the next day, I think the main thing is to let your skin air out, that is the main reason I only use one diaper a day.

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    K, maybe this next time I'll let it go longer, but make sure it airs out well.

    I want to start doing neosporin anyway, to help the razor burn, but I keep forgetting.

    Thanks for everyone's input. = )

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    You are most welcome. I am also "uncut" and if anything the foreskin still being attached to the head of the penis provides more protection... not less.

    If he is getting razor burn from shaving try using moisturizing cream and a ladies' razor... just like you do on your legs.

    I don't know his exact wetting habits... but if you are using Depends one good wetting may be all they can take... maybe 2 max. So it might be wise to change him anyways. My control isn't very good anymore... I find myself going some every hour... so my diapers can last a long time.

    Also... some people enjoy being in a wet diaper more than a dry one... personal preference there.

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    Also... some people enjoy being in a wet diaper more than a dry one... personal preference there.

    Yes I'm one of those guys, as soon as I put it on it's getting wet, thats what it's there for, well for me anyhow.

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    I was just worried bacteria would get under there and start to multiply before I changed him. I know urine is pretty clean, and sterile until it hits air, but I was still worried.

    We use good shaving cream, but disposable razors. Whats the difference between men's and womens, I just assumed it was the color >_< We use disposables mostly because we weren't shaving him regularly until about a week ago, so one razor would only last his legs, even the nice ones. I think we'll probably start getting nicer ones since we're gonna do it every few days.

    We are using an off-brand called Equaline, and I might see if it can take 2 wettings this next time.

    He said he didn't mind the wet, so I'll just have to stop being so over-protective lol

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    Yeah, I usually use a diaper more than once unless I'm in a hurry for some reason. I don't have the luxury to get changed often, so any time I wear a diaper, it's usually going to be the only one until another time. (though I wear 2 in a row every once in a while, but not often)

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    I think it depends on the person...Like me for example, I can sit in them for ages without a change, and I haven't gotten a rash yet (knock on wood)...I'm not saying that it's sanitary or anything, but I know I can at least last that long...But some other people need to be changed a lot, otherwise they get horrible rashes

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