I loved it!! I highly recommend that everyone goes out and sees it, or waits until it comes on DVD.

Anyways, I found that it had a pretty good acting, a nice story-line that was accurate enough to the comics, and the special effects were alright too. I'd say that for a super-hero themed movie, its worth it. It even has Kevin Bacon in it (I kept telling my girlfriend that his mutant name should be "Footloose").

I think that its got something most people can take away from it too. The one thing that I really liked about The X-Men series compared to other movies and comics was that it involves a group of people that are different, with some of these individuals able to accept themselves, and others not so much.

I looked at this movie in a number of different lights thinking "Gosh I can relate: being an adolescent, an adult baby, having a tattoo that people gawk at, etc." My point being, it was just a great movie involving superheros, self-acceptance, Kevin Bacon, and the cold war.

Just saying what's on my mind