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    Default certainty diapers?

    I want to get the smallest size certainty briefs (Medium 32-44) soon from walgreens. But i am worried they will be too big on me anyway. I would get attends breathables size small (20-32") which fit me perfectly (i got the sample) except for they're online only :\. So do the walgreens diapers run small, or large?

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    I am a 40" round and the fitted briefs are tight on me but better than the adjustable fit good on me it just holds 1 flood fitted can hold 1 flood and 1 small pee
    I am also limited to store brands but i know alot about the certainty brands

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    When I was doing research for my reorder next year, I received some great advice from the owner of XP medical. He advised that if the size runs too big on you, that you should cut part of the plastic (the thin paperish flaps on the front/side) so that you can tape it up tighter.

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    I have a 31-32 waist those attends small didn't fit me, those 32-44 should fit fine I usually use the depends maximum protection Briefs that are S/M 32-44 they are a little big but better to have a little too much then a little too less

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    I recently went through a pack of the Certainty briefs. I have like a 30/31 inch waist, and they fit fine even though they're made for 32+. You'll find that there'll be alot of extra plastic sticking up though. My technique was to position the back of the diaper correctly, then fold down the excess plastic in the front. The tapes still fastened comfortably and with a couple inches to spare, so as long as you're not much smaller than me, you should be fine.

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