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Thread: Questions with making the outer part of a cloth diaper

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    Default Questions with making the outer part of a cloth diaper

    Howdy ADISC. After reading through a good amount of cloth diaper threads I've decided to make my own out of old teeshirts. I know it's not the ideal diaper material, but i have 10 or so old tee shirts that are way to small/ripped/unwearable for other reasons. I decided that making my own cloth diaper would :

    A) Be better for the environment.
    B) Although i have gotten goodnites once, the idea of buying diapers still wigs me out.
    C) A lot thicker and give me more of a "waddle" feeling.

    At this moment in time i have 2 tee shirt "soaker pads". Basically what i did was take 2 tee shirts, cut off the sleeves and neck piece so i have a rectangle of cotton. I then folded it in half long ways once. Put all of the "scrap pieces" from the tee shirt in there evenly folded it one more time and then sewed it up. It's thickness is around a quarter of a inch.
    One of the soaker pads goes from the top of the crotch area to a little bit higher then the butt and the other is basically the same, maybe a half inch or so shorter on both sides because it was a a older tee shirt, and thus smaller.
    Now, out of the progress i've made i've come to a few questions. I know there are some other threads open about this topic at the moment, but i felt i had to much to ask to hijack someone else's thread.
    The first question would probably be, how to i make a outer part of the diaper. I've seen some designs made with teeshirts but when i tried to replicate on a larger scale i screwed it up. Another thing is, i would still need some sort of water resistant material incase the outer layer of cloth gets wet. How would i go a crossed either making making the outer layer or cover of the diaper and what materials are "ideal" to making said cover. I'm not looking to go to a store if i don't have to, and i can't order from off line.
    Another question, how much do you think one of my soaker pads can take? I was planning on making any where from 4-8 of them. Does anyone have any special design in lining them up? I was planning on just making a "pocket" on the inside of the cover once i have that made stuffing all of the pads inside there and then sewing it up.
    Thanks in advance for helping a noob out


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    Hi Riley - you are really facing the problem inherent with cloth diapers - probably made worse by the fact that tee shirt material is not designed to absorb pee. So the answer to your question about capacity is "probably not much". I had experience as a boy with cloth trainer pants with a waterproof cover - these were professionally made and marketed - but they still leaked like a sieve when the cloth part (about 4 layers of proper diaper material) was wet. I cannot think of any teen/adult all in one diapers that have a good reputation against leaking - but I may be wrong.

    A lot depends on the amount of use the diaper will be put to - if its a "dribble" they will work well enough - but anything more and you might need to resort ot the usual recourse of cloth diaper wearers, plastic pants.

    For a waterproof outer cover you need something washable and flexible - I think the different kinds of plastic you might find lying around would almost certainly not be suitable - and another consideration is that the material would need to be strong enough to cope with sewing - without the plastic splitting around the thread. A suggestion might be to get a large pair of plastic pants and cut them up to fit your home made diaper - at least this would give you the right kind of material and if you but store ones they atr not too expensive.

    Good luck!

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    Like said above, cotton t-shirts will hold some, but it'll take a fair bit to hold a couple of wettings. As for a waterproof cover, I thinkyou might do better to make some form of plastic pants. I fear that any household material, like trashbags or plastic sheeting, could never withstand the stresses of laundry machines. I would find plastic, like large garbage bags or thick plastic sheeting and go from there.

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    ^^^ Agreed that you will need to make some kind of plastic pants ^^^

    Are you doing hand sewing or machine sewing? I've had good success machine sewing vinyl based materials (such as shower curtains) although if you wanted something to withstand a great deal of washings, I would get a polyurethane impregnated fabric (PUL).

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    I am going to be sewing by hand. Would you guys then suggest to sew all the pads to together already and use disposable pants? Just like stick the pad in the pants and i'm good kind of thing. Also if i use a large amount of the cotton do you guys think it could possibly work? My parents are going out tonight so i may do some test runs with the three pads i have made atm. :/

    and thanks for all of the suggestions ! I really appreciate it.

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    Cloth will never "hold" liquid on its own - in the days before plastic pants became available mothers were always careful to place babies where they wouldn't wet anything important when the inevitable seepage from their diapers occurred.

    Wearing layers of soft absorbant cotton material will feel like a "real cloth" diaper and enhance the sensory experience of wearing a disposable pant - bear in mind the pants are designed to as much as possible not feel like a cloth diaper so I reckon at last you have hit on a workable solution.

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