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Thread: Where have I been?

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    Default Where have I been?

    Hello ADISC. As you may or may not remember I joined this forum a while ago and after a month or so I disappeared without say. Well what happened was that school really started to get busy and a lot of personal stuff cropped up. So when not doing ungodly amounts of work or trying not to smash my head against a wall I generally just forgot about the forums I visit. But now the personal stuff's behind me, schools over, and I went through my bookmark lists and saw this forum. So hello again, hopefully I'll frequent more than I have been!

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    Woohoo! Welcome back, then! Glad to hear your personal stuff is over with - hopefully now you can get on and enjoy yourself.

    I hope you'll find if you get stuck in here, we'll make you welcome enough

    What sort of stuff you being on with at school?

    Dan x

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    WB Trueblader, hope you can take it easy now.
    Relax and enjoy this forum!

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    hmmm that's blader with one "d"? *giggle* - lawful/chaotic good here

    WB, and we'll hope to see you around more.
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