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Thread: Some may remember me...

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    Default Some may remember me...

    With my new college semester and classes in the morning, I'm ending up with a lot more time on my hands than I thought I would have. So the other night my lil sis Mysi messages me on MSN, and asks if I had visited ADISC. I said no, so she sent me a link to them, telling me they were the new forums from the old

    So, here I am, posting to get back; perhaps. So many things I want to do, I can never get around to them and often end up waffling away time doing something less productive, like forum browsing. So then, when I get bored with FTT's forums (in the entirety of the two boards I actually check) I guess I can come here.

    That is, as long as I stay away from smash. When I read someone reffering to "Peach", my first reaction was "Peach Float Cancel?" XD
    Yes, once Brawl comes out... the only online I'll be doing is wi-fi brawling, HOPEFULLY. (As in, hopefully we get our Wii online lol)

    I browsed a little, and see some names I recognize - like Ayanna and Kraien, and a lot I didn't. Those of you who've been here for 3+ years will probably remember the user people called "Chrono", or "CS". Because the subject-matter of these boards is a lot more... on topic than the threads of FTT, I would like to avoid using my full username when possible.

    Soooo... yah. If you have any questions, I'll try to get to them within a week of this posting :p

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    well hay welcome bk m8 there are something missing as u can see but there are now some cool new things

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    hmm. you're a dead ringer for a certain enigmatic squirrel i remember from way back when.

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    Chrono the 4-sided? WB from a raccoon (who doesn't go back quite as far as you)
    Remember when I wasn't the only raccoon? Those were the days. *sigh*
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    Hehehe, it warms my heart to see that people do remember me :3

    Unfortunately, I do not remember all of you - most people I recognized by their avatars and not their names, so there's probably several people I don't know that I should, because I never looked at their names! XP

    Yeah, I think I'm gonna be checking in here a lot more; Fox Tales Times has grown a little stagnant for me. *sigh* the glory days are always the best when you look back on them... shame I don't recall any kind of "glory days" from when I was here last; I think FTT was more memorable because of connecting with several people, what with more teens there than it seemed on tbdl, and a large abundance of anime/video game influence, more relating to me...

    Aahhh, but I shouldn't dwell on the past; people change, and so populations and communities, those people I connected with at FTT aren't around any more and I shouldn't hang onto the past, and so should I change myself and move on.

    Ahh, sorry for the ranting... the FTT mIRC turned me from glum into just plain emo from their responses; I didn't have a normal childhood and teenage years, so I never got to go through an honest rebelious/emo phase to get it out of me. I only ever passed through an emo hair time period of non-haircuts during my junior year of HS is all :S

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    Welcome back but I can't really say that I remember you. (I tend to also look more at the avatar then the name.:p)

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    hey, chris.
    I think... I remember you...
    either way, good to have you back, sir! ^.^

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