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Thread: unusual places that diapers have been worn?

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    Smile unusual places that diapers have been worn?

    Where have you worn diapers and or baby accessories that may be considered unusual?

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    Wearing a diaper whilst driving a motorcycle on the freeway doing 160 km/h

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    i wore one to six flags one day, and one time i wore one during a shower just to see what it was like haha

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    Meh, most places would be unusual for not-infant diaper wearing! :P

    They are amazing for when I'm inside the freezer/fridge at my work!


    Wait...why is this in the intro section?
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    I sent a notice to the admins. Hopefully it should be fixed soon. :]

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    On the floor of a stadium with over 80,000 live spectators, easily over a million watching live on tv. Yeah....I've been there >:3

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