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Thread: Hacking Norton?

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    Angry Hacking Norton?

    My dad installed norton saftey minder on al of tmy computers and blocked all ab/dl/tb sites. Is there any way i can hack it without the password? Ps. im using a super slow computer tht he doesnt know about...thats how i get on adisc.

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    An internet proxy server might be your best option.

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    Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Find Norton
    's program and end it by going to it's process and killing it yourself.

    However if it's blocked all B/DL/AB websites I am willing to bet your dad programmed them in himself. Since nothing has a "block all websites about diapers" thing. So it could just be better to have a talk with him and explain why access is important to you and with personal control won't make any problems.

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    he did program them all in.

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    what was your skype?

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    BTW, that program is a b*tch.

    We have it on our main PC, I hated it before I realized it's not as smart as I am. Proxy FTW! >=)

    You probably want to talk to him like Fire2Box said. If you can't convince him to uninstall Safety Minder, find some proxy server that will let you bypass NSM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tb123 View Post
    he did program them all in.
    If he did then im guessing he knows about your tb/dl side ?

    If you have administrator rights on the computer, you could investigate VMware.
    That alows you to run operating systems/programs with no interference from the host OS.
    But its still vunerable to router screening/blocking. To get around that you have to use a proxy service.

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    yeah...he does a bit. he wants me to stop, obiously.

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    That's why you gotta explain to him, this isn't something you can just stop. This is who you IS!

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    He said when he first found out" It better stop or else ill take away your computer." well, i fried my laptops motherboard Im gettin a dell 15r .

    Btw, SUCK IT, NORTON FIREFOX 4 DONT HAVE NORTON AS A PLUGIN. now i just need fire fox 4 on all of our computers.

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