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Thread: WYD (world youth day)

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    Default WYD (world youth day)

    for those who are n the circle of such things world youth day has begun, and tomorrow on the 17th of july the official mass at the royal randwick racecourse will commence lead by his holiness Pope Benedict XVI (the 16th)

    for those who either
    (a) dont know
    (b) dont usually care
    or (c) arnet even remotely religous in the traditional sense (athiests agnostics etc [not refering to faiths such as islam and judaism]) and therefore more or less fit both a and b...

    world youth day is first off not just a single day, but a large scale event whch occurs every 4 years, or was it 3.. anyway, its a massive event where young people from all over the world gather in a spirit which could only be described as religous fervor, the pint being to help foster and kindle/rekindle unity and faith amonght the young people of the world,
    The events begin like so

    Monday 14 July 08 Registration

    Tuesday 15 July 08 Opening Mass of welcome celebrated by George Cardinal Pell followed by concert

    Wednesday 16 - Friday 18 July 08 Catechesis (teaching) sessions every morning and festival events in afternoon / evening

    Thursday 17 July 08 Arrival and welcome of The Holy Father

    Friday 18 July 08 - evening Stations of the Cross – a re-enactment of Our Lord’s Passion and Death

    Saturday 19 July 08 Pilgrimage walk to site of Closing Mass, evening Vigil with The Holy Father and sleep out ‘under the stars’

    Sunday 20 July 08 Closing Mass and concluding events

    WYD as described on the official website:
    (World Youth Day (WYD) is the largest youth event in the world and will be held in Sydney from Tuesday 15 to Sunday 20 July 2008.
    Organised by the Catholic Church, WYD brings together young people from around the globe to celebrate and learn about their faith on a more regular basis.)

    This massive event also marks the first EVER visit of pope benedictXVI to australia and that is a thng in itself heck, im not even catholc but i STILL feel like waltzng over there to just see him.. since i consider him to be, if nothing else a great figure, although i consder the late pope john paul II to be much higher due to his good work throughout the globe during his reign.

    now... id like to request this, id really like to keep this thread LEAN of an overt amount of jokes and satire.. and i will negrep anyone who puts up that picture comparing the pope to darth sidous, on the thread.. while i consder the picture very funny and apprecate the irony, just.. not here please this is, for all intents and purposes a somewhat sacred space...

    althogh by all mmeans debate and discss,

    ut anyone who wants to, maybe share a snippit of the effect on your local area WYD has had, preperations special events etc. and especially those who ARE catholic, what you and those you know plan to do durng the celebratons since you cant attend... as well as any info from any who n fact HAVE

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    naturally thogh WYD has caused SOME pains, eg, much of the inner cities transport has been flipped upside down de to the vent, and there has been some.. interesting statitics coming out of world youth day events such as say.... high pregnancy rates (well, thats what happens when you mix [a] large number of youths in a small space and [B] disallowing contraceptives) and high rates of lost virginity

    WYD pilgrems also invariably ended up causing me some major embarrassment because i was buying dapers with my father (yeah he knows dont ask) and the MOMENT i begin to carry them (two packets of molicare medium super plusses no less) out the door, guess who should pass by the window.. a fairly large group of WYD pilgrims on their way to the station and worse yet, my dad ushered me out since we were parked in a no stopping zone so i had to go and put em in the car while he handled the transaction.. result, major embarrassment, although noone either noticed/ cared...
    apart from that my old high school is naturally taking huge interest being a catholc school, (dedicated to saint marcellin champanat)
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    Up here in Brisbane there have been people wandering in the streets and dancing and singing. Quite funny actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Up here in Brisbane there have been people wandering in the streets and dancing and singing. Quite funny actually.
    But that happens year-round.

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    Sorry, but your spelling/grammar/punctuation is so bad I really can't understand what the WYD is all about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    Sorry, but your spelling/grammar/punctuation is so bad I really can't understand what the WYD is all about.
    your not serious.. it isnt THAT bad.. it gets the message across well enough, you dont need any of those things to be perfect, i manage to sift through it easily enough,

    anyways, apparently the numbers atttending are huge, well and truely past the 100,000+ mark, as incompletedude would be able to testify.. apparently at least 4 people from nearly every catholc school in the world, not counting thousands of others going of their own motivation

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    Meh considering the comments the pope has made about gays and marriages i can't approve of the day considering the pope is using it to spread intolerance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
    But that happens year-round.
    True, but here generally only when they are drunk!

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    I can't understand why the World Youth Day, a Day dedicated to all youth, must be something religion related.
    Not all youth are religious or Christians.
    I don't feel represented by those people.

    BBen, I agree with you. This pope is spreading Intolerance and racism and is being hypocrite, preaching for love and hating gays..... I'm sure if you are not been lobotomized, you can understand he doesn't believe and knows what the real mean of love is.

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    I foresee more Catholic Priest/Child Molestation law suits!

    Let's bring back Pagan 'Childrens Day' which was abolished because, and I quote 'Children have birthdays'. >_>

    Yeah, like adults don't. v_v

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