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Thread: Sleepless Nights

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    Default Sleepless Nights

    Have any of you ever been keep up all night because of thought that keep running though your head.

    There are many nights that I do not get any sleep at all because of thoughts running though my head. Those thought are most of a major choice that I am getting ready to make in my life

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    I can relate. As soon as my head hits the pillow, that's when my brain decides to flick on and give itself a much needed workout. The problem, I find, is that I am not mentally stimulating myself enough during the day, so I make up for it at night when I have nothing else to do but think. When I was studying, I found going to sleep much easier because for most of the day I had been draining myself over calculations and critical reasoning processes. By the time I got to bed at night, I was mentally exhausted so I got to sleep easy.

    So don't be fooled. There is a difference between being physically tired and mentally tired. You could be out running and walking around all day and your body will be sore, but if you don't give your brain a challenge, then you'll find that it'll make up for it at night when you want to shut off. If you aren't studying, I suggest reading a book or doing a puzzle of sorts to give your mind that much needed stimulation.

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    I have exactly the same problem. I think I'll try what Lukie said. I mean, if my brain isn't tired out after school, how is it going to be in the holidays. No wonder I am more tired at the end of the holidays then at the beginning.

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    I spent almost my whole life just staying up all night, I could not stop thinking about the events of the day, or the comeing days.

    When I was in my middel 20's I started to drink, that was the only way things got shut off in my brain, so I could sleep, I don't recommend drinking.

    But I would talk to a doctor to see if you could get something to relax yourself so you can sleep, or try one of the OTC pain relivers with a ,sleep additive, before you see a doctor.

    Then if they don't work seek help, I know it's hell going without sleep or very little sleep.

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    I can relate, sort of. it usually takes an hour or two for me to fall asleep (unless I've been reading), Because I can't help but think so much. The only night I was awake the whole time was just after I had found out about infantilism (not so much discovering it in myself, but discovering that there was a community of people like myself).

    After coming back down to the computer, I recall that TBDL (along with D**ker and DPF) were some of the first sights I found. Of course, I didn't sign up on TBDL for nearly a year afterwards, In fact I had only been on for a month or two before the events leading to TBDL's rebirth as ADISC occurred.

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    baby kiffer


    I've had that happen a lot in the past several weeks, because I've been depressed...I usually spent the night reading music, drawing, or playing on the computer.

    I've been feeling better, and it's started to become less of a problem...

    You just have to learn to tune out those thoughts. Say to yourself, "I am in bed to sleep, not for anything else!"

    It's usually easier to live in the present, not the past or future.

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    I have the same problem. I'm told is a good idea to read a fiction book before you go to bed- something that will completely take your mind of reality. Having to makes choices and changes can be distressing, but it will come good in the end for you I hope...good luck...hope everything goes well for you.

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    I stay up until 12 midnight almost every night, and then I crash. As a result, I sometimes fall asleep almost anywhere at any time. During the school year I am working 3 jobs, one full time and 2 part time. That's one cure for not being able to sleep.

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    As im sure most of you know I plan on getting a sex change, the thought that runs though my head ever night is how are my grandparents are going to react. I know it won't be well, cause they've told me if they ever found out i was gay they would disown me . I am very close to them they mean the world to me, and I just don't have the guts to tell them. I think about this every night.It sucks

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    Default This may help.

    If you have not already visited this website,I suggest you do so.It might help.The site is called Laura's Playground,and it's not a porno site.I have not spent a whole lot of time there,but it seems to be friendly,and educational website.

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