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Thread: Your dream world!

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    Default Your dream world!

    So, everyone has their own little dream world that they like to escape to sometimes! Mine is a little island! It changes quite a lot, but this is what it looks like at the moment:

    Uploaded with

    A = Princess Talula and her servant Charlie's mansion of awesomeness
    B = The cove of relaxation, perfect for canoeing or lilos or just sunbathing on the beach! The annual sea-shell hunting competition is held here, along with weekly (in the summer) beachparty/bbqs
    C = South Beach - with rock pools for paddling, and enough wind to sail/windsurf/surf on, without being dangerous, and an icecream van!
    D = Jess's cat-shaped supply shop! The only shop on the island, the owner is obsessed with cats, and while she'll still sell you normal items, if she possibly can she'll sell you something pink and frilly with a cat on it!
    E = The mountain ranges! Talula has a chalet up here, and the area is perfect for snow sports in winter time, and hiking/camping during the summer!
    F = Palm Forest, a forest of only palm trees, and low lying fruit shrubs. The main source of lovely fruit on the island!
    G = Talula's awesome bar and club complex!
    H = A super-awesome Talula sized playpark!
    I = Some rocky cliffs and caves for exploring, one of these holds the entrance to Talula and Charlies secret dungeon!
    J = An adult-sized infoor soft play area! Fun times to be had by all! And super close to the club for a cheeky wee shot between goes on the super crazy red slide!

    So, what would yours be like? And what do you think of mine?

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    I lub it I lub it I lub it! Can you guess my favourite bit?

    I am going to make my own world! But it might be a bit slow to arrive because I might have to make it on a paper because I don't really understand computer drawing.

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    My dream world wouldn't have me in it. Ever. I'd just never have existed, but everything else would stay the same. Take that, space-time continuum!

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    My dream world would be Zephy's dream world. Only he'd exist, and not exist at the same time because he doesn't exist in his dream world, but exists in mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taihaku View Post
    My dream world would be Zephy's dream world. Only he'd exist, and not exist at the same time because he doesn't exist in his dream world, but exists in mine.
    Are you trying to implode the universe? D:<

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    *looks shyly down at the floor*
    "can I come over and pway?"

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    I won't draw it, not now at least. But I will describe it! Could say many things, but here is a small idea.

    Marthland is an area mostly surrounded by fields and farm land with a very sparse population density. whilst most area is partially flat with rural land where you can freely roam anywhere you wish. Allowing me to adventure where I please. Because farmland is boring. There is some more hiking terrain on the outskirts of the one land, to provide not only a challenge to reach certain areas. But a good place to sit relax and absorb the beauty of the place. The land will also provide many places to set up a tent and fire. And plan week long treks and be remote from anything familiar and just absorb new environment after new environment, some with jungle like vegitation, maybe woods is autumn. Or walking up rocky windy hills.

    Beyond the exploring I will be spending a lot of time at home. it's a reasonably sized house with a large joint kitchen-dining-living room open space. Space to do a lot of activities when guests come round. I will also have my bedroom that will be very simple with a large comfy bed with lots of spare pillows and duvets to wrap myself in, lay on cuddle, anything to stay comfy. My bedroom will also have a huge window. This will let me stare outside to watch the stars at night, the blue sky and greenery during the day. Or just listening to the noise of rain hitting the glass. There will also be a large wardrobe along a whole wall. This will contain various awesome clothes to keep my warm and comftable. As Marthland is often a cold land!

    Outside the House, there can be a museum, this will hold a museum that will hold information and items on anything and everything. Will also have some one you can ask questions who will always give an educated and interesting answer to keep you inspired. Hopefully, I will get asked lots of interesting questions to help practice my own skills about telling people who awesome some things are. So there should be a public meeting held regularly to talk about interesting things with interesting people!

    But mostly it's about outdoors and just staying silent observing things mostly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephy View Post
    Are you trying to implode the universe? D:<
    That's my perfect world. :P

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    I've been writing about my dream world for the last three years, in my novel. The same town appears in "Werewolf" which can be seen several pages back in Finished Stories or .99 cents on Nookbook. I grew up in this little bay town, back when life was simpler and a lot less crowded. There was only one kid my age. You could ride your bike down to the bay and go swimming and fishing. In the winter the bay would freeze and we would ice skate. For a kid, it was almost idyllic.

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    My dream world would be one where I ruled and everyone are lego ponies

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