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Thread: Favorite Newspaper Comic(s)

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    Default Favorite Newspaper Comic(s)

    This can be anything from the "funny" pages, past or present!!

    Here is the list of my favs!!

    Far Side
    Calvin & Hobbes

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    Holy son-of-a-monkey!

    I have to say that Luann was one of my favorites, along with Curtis and The Phantom (which I've seriously been following for like, 15 years at this point).

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    Zits, Pearls before Swine, Foxtrot, Far Side, Close to Home, Baby Blues...That's all I can think of at the moment

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    lately i've been really into frazz. that dude is totally my role model! ^.^

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    Calvin & Hobbes for the most part, but some local one's are Beyond The Black Stump and Swamp... I like reading those too.

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    Peanuts of course! Most of the others listed are great too. Esp Dilbert, Calven & hobbs, Bloom County and The Boondocks. PreTeena ended its run on May 18th, you might take it weird that I would like it but its not like that. It was was well written about current events and teen life & I never grew up.


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    Dilbert, Far Side, Herman (old but funny), Bloom County/Outland/Opus, Sherman's Lagoon, FoxTrot, Calvin & Hobbes

    I'll usually read all of them, but those are the ones I would always read first

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    Dilbert and Doonesbury are my more recent favorites, though not sure if Doonesbury is still published. A childhood favorite was "The Katzenjammer Kids" or "The Captain & The Kids" as it was also called. Those two kids were always getting into mischief just like me at the time. I could completely relate to them.


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