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Thread: glad to be here!!!

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    Red face glad to be here!!!

    hello my name is kaz on the forum.
    i like to take pictures... i like black&whites... im new to being a diaper lover... im outgoing once you get to know me. at first im kinda shy but hope to fix that sometime in the future.
    i also try to draw sometimes... some people say im good and its because im a native american... im 4/4 navajo btw (nav-a-ho).... hope to make lots of friends and sorry if this to long lol... hope to talk and meet some really cool and nice people... any questions just ask me..

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    Hey, welcome to the site! Interestingly, first time I can recall seeing someone who is Native American here (and also seems oddly weird that you almost never see Natives from AZ pop up on sites). Don't know a lot about drawing/pictures (compared to some around here , but what do you like to draw and what do you like to take pictures of?

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    im barley starting to draw.... i like to draw many things but mainly scenery... some animals, mainly horses because they can stay still the longest lol... and for my photography i like to take photos of action shots like football, baseball, soccer, tennis... you know school sports lol.... and i love your profile pic.... oh that reminds me i like to take back&whites alot i think im good with those but that is my opinion

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC. I draw much myself, mostly cartoons stuff. I guess you draw realistic?

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    yeah... i have a hard time with cartoons for some reason and nice to meet you

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    There are other Native North American peoples on here - It would be good to see a group for Aboriginal people. Do you speak Navajo? Around here Cree is most common.

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    i dont speak much but learning still... im not good with remembering things lol and its nice to meet you

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    it seems like there's a lot of artists in the abdl universe! welcome my brother! i'm a painter so if you need any advice, don't hesitate...

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    Welcome! Nice to meet you. I'm completely envious of your artistic ability.. because I can't draw at all. XD Although I am a photographer! I love black and whites, too.

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