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Thread: My first time buying diapers (that I liked e_e)

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    Default My first time buying diapers (that I liked e_e)

    Well, I say its my first time because I don't consider the other bag of depends I bought that were too small and didnt have tapes on them, since they sucked >_<.

    Anyway, just a little background info for those who don't already know:

    I'm 20 years old, live in my own apartment with my girlfriend, RainbowMommy, who is also my very accepting and supportive mommy. She went with me for this trip. And another side note, we also needed condoms on this trip as well.

    So we walk into walmart, its in the afternoon. And we're trying to avoid anyone we know, which includes a friend of ours who is a cashier. We make a straight trip over to where the hygene stuff is, condoms not 10 feet from the diapers. So I grab a box, no problem. And then we stand a few feet away and look at their diaper selection, trying not to feel weird.

    At this point in time, All i knew was I needed a bigger hip/waist size, and ones with tabs on them. I didnt know a damn thing about what diapers were best, ect. While we're standing there, we see another woman, couldnt have been more than 30, standing by the diapers too, looking over what they had. She looked kind of nervous, but gave us a sincere smile and then back to her looking.

    I'm assuming she had a medical condition or was there to get diapers for someone else with one, but of course, she probably thought the same thing of us. At that point I wasnt really worried about it. It would have been 10 times more embarassing to look at the diapers for 5 minutes and then walk away, than to pick something out and buy it. So we got Depends Maximum Absorption.

    At that point it hit us.. Shit, its gonna be weird as **** checking out together with a bag of adult diapers and a big variety box of condoms. So we devise a plan: each take one item to totally seperate checkouts and meet up at the car. So just because at the time it seemed more acceptable for a girl to buy a bag of diapers, and a guy a box of condoms, then the other way around, I took the condoms to the other end of the store, while she tried to goto the self checkout with the diapers. I could here that discreet music from Ocean's 11 playing in my head as we cut away from each other. I didnt have much of a problem, waited in line, didnt see my girlfriend anywhere near, was hoping not to, as walking together out the door would feel awkward. I was able to pay for the box with no difficulty, but I looked to my right and about 4 people down the line was my girlfriend, looking irked and irritated. So i'm like "Oh shit" and quickly head my happy ass to the car. and about 20 minutes later, I see her walking quickly through the parking lot of walmart, carrying the bag of diapers with no bag, by its premade carrying strap. She throws them in the backseat gets in the car, and tells me the hassle she had.

    Rainbow-eu will fill in the rest of the trip.

    But it seriously felt like Oceanís 11. We went in with a plan, acted casual, trying not to draw attention to ourselves, the like.

    But it was fun xD, plus I got to cuddle with my bag of Depends later on.

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    Okay, so here's my (more eventful) side of the story.

    After we headed our separate ways, I headed to a self-check-out that was pretty close to me. I get in line behind a couple who look about 23-26 or so. I see about 6 items, and are almost done bagging them when I see a sign taped on the little screen that says "CASH ONLY" in huge capital letters. Luckily I had cash, so no worries.

    I see the couple is trying to pay, and swiping there debit or credit card. I figure they would see the"Cash Only" sign soon enough, and decide to wait it out. After 2 minutes of swiping and re-swiping their card, they start touching things on the screen. They literally lift the CASH ONLY sign up, the sign that is written in bold black Sharpie that is an inch from their face, out of the way. Seriously, again and again they BOTH are continually lifting up the sign to play with the screen. A few more minutes of them looking dumb, and me quickly losing my nerve, they take their stuff and go to a different line. I go up, try to cancel their stuff, but it's already messed up because they have used their card.

    I turn around to go to a different line and I'll be damned if there weren't about 4 people waiting behind me. I go to the next self-checkout over and that one is messed up too.

    So I walk about 50 feet until I find a decent line. I look up to check out how many items everyone has, and there is Shin, checking out with the condoms. SERIOUSLY?

    I see him go off with no problem, and start slowly moving forward. Everything is moving smoothly until the lady in front of me writes THREE BAD CHECKS! The first one she makes out, sees she has another item in her cart she forgot to ring up, so she voids it and makes out a new one with the correct amount. The next one has the wrong date, and while the cashier insists the scribbled out/ changed date will be fine, this 75+ year old lady insists she must re-write the check.

    The package of diapers is actually starting to get a little heavy now, and I want to put it up on the counter, but this lady's purse could hide a Christmas ham, and is taking up all the counter-space, so I keep switching it to my other hand and trying not to feel weird.

    The lady then messes up her check AGAIN, and re-writes it AGAIN before I can put the diapers up there.

    I have no idea how long ago Shin left, so I'm worried he's going to come back inside looking for me or something, or our friend who is a cashier up there will see us, etc.

    I get mine up there, paid for, etc and she sets the whole package on top, with no bag. I asked if I could please have a bag for these, and she said they don't carry bags big enough. Me = Seriously? Whatever lady. It's a standard package of 16 larges, not any mammoth thing. I am so irritated at this point I carry it proudly by the handle it comes with whilst I search desperately search for the car.

    I tell Shin my horrors of Wal-mart as he takes the condoms out of his bag he got, and stuffed the package of diapers perfectly into a standard sized bag.

    I was so embarrassed that I didn't insist on a bag.

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    Nice! You should try online diapers next time, they're discrete and better! Its worth it!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    Nice! You should try online diapers next time, they're discrete and better! Its worth it!

    Rawr. We just dont goto walmart anymore. The grocery over her had the equaline brand, which is literally as good as, if not better, than the depends we bought. And the diapers are right next to the pharmacy, which is right next to an exit. So that is awesome. Also, they were 5.99 for a bag of 20, so I got 2 xD

    The pharmacist up there is cool too. He seemed really professional and I thought he was gonna ask if I wanted to double bag xD

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    The thing with online is the price. Shipping just seems so much, unless you buy a 60 pack or larger, which we don't have room for.

    If we find a kind we think we'll like for a cheap enough price, we miiiight try it, but having to pick up a large package from our apartment manager's office does not sound appealing.

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    I would have probably just yelled the credit card people that it's cash only...Sounds like getting diapers with someone is a bit less nervewracking though ^_^

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    Condoms and adult diapers... not the weirdest combination of items I could think of to go through a checkout with.

    But congratulations are in order. Buying diapers can be a real pain, but once you're there and doing it, it's not so bad. Next time you should try online, you can get better brands and it's much less embarrassing!
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    If you are just wearing diapers occasionally for kicks then getting them by the pack from your local bulk store or pharmacy is probably your best bet. However selection will be poor (typically just Depend & a store brand) and prices will be higher. Not to mention having to deal with the lines and paying taxes.

    If I may suggest... check the phone book or call a local doctors office and ask if there is a medical supplies specialty store in your area. These super-pharmacies will typically carry a greater variety of "incontinence supplies" at a fair price. Any decently sized town or city will have atleast one such store... my city has several.

    If you ever decide to buy in bulk then I definately suggest doing it online. With most stores as long as you can cough up the $60-$80 for a case of diapers then shipping is free. The boxes are somewhat large but many distributors ship discreetly so it is pretty easy to do. I have picked up packages clearly marked "adult diapers" or "incontinence briefs" from my apartment complex's office several times and noone has ever said a word.

    I find that many AB/DLs are paranoid about being discovered by someone out in public and will stick to a very secretive routine to avoid any possible detection. In reality most people are so engrossed in their own daily lives that they won't even notice what it is that you are getting or wearing. Cashiers and office personel are paid to be kind and curteous... any snide remarks by them could cost them their job, so the vast majority of them won't say anything at all.

    Those of you who spend all your diaper-time sitting around the house are really missing out on a lot of fun experiences. Sure, you don't have to take it to extremes and wear everywhere you go... but there are many places you can go and many activities you can do where diapers just add to the fun.

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    I once got a pack of diapers with a KING SIZE CHOCOLATE BAR. This was my first time, and I didn't realize the error of my ways until Checkout Woman gave me a funny look!

    So, congratulations to both of you.

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    I buy my diapers at walmart all the time the bag of diapers fits inside the normal size bag they have at the self checkout, I have never had a problem because I do use the self checkout line.

    And why do people keep buying depends, just being here five mins. you can tell no one cares for them, they are made for one wetting and then they need to be changed.

    I think they are possibly the worst diaper on the market, unless you like diaper leaks then they are the best in the world.

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