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Thread: i met a guy and dont know what to do.

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    Default i met a guy and dont know what to do.

    well like the title sez,a buddy of mine works for a florest and was putting togather some flowers,they where for a drag show later that day.
    the guy that picked them up was volenteering with whoever sponcers the event.
    i ended up going to the show(first time)and dident realize u had to buy a ticket so i snuck in the back i was leveing to meet up with friends he was standing at the front desk area so i grabbed a napkin and wrote my number on it and handed it to him..
    long story short i suck at relationships.closest thing i have ever had to a real relatoinship was a guy i used to go to the park with,drink get stoned and screw him on a picknic table.

    im afaraid of rejection

    the self esteem thing is kicking my ass rite now,going out for coffee monday when he gets off work and im kinda freakin out.

    im tryin to not get all in my head over what to wear,what to say,how to say it... we are realy nothing alike,he is older(32) im young(19) he is well dressed professional and polite and i am not,he has a mostly normal life and i lived in a dopehouse for over a year before i cud buy cigerettes.

    i wont bullshit i can be a real asshole for less than good reason but i have good qualitys too,honest careing protective afew to start with. just hope it goes ok.

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    I think if you truly want it and he's interested, try to take it slow and see how it will work out. Don't be afraid - a rejection doesn't kill - it hurts, but you'll survive and fight for another day...
    And as he obviously agreed to go and get some coffee with you he seems to be interested...
    There's no one who will be able to foretell what's to come, but you have a chance and I wish you good luck!

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    I hope this goes well for you, and I'm sure you have a lot to offer someone. Just one word of caution. Don't let him use you. I'm not at all saying that this is what will happen, but in cases where there is an age difference as large is there is here, the older guy could be trying to use you for your body. People from different ages can totally connect on many many levels, but a 13 year age difference can put a big generational gap there, and you gotta ask yourself if that's an issue.

    Good luck, have fun, but mostly, be careful.

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    yeah i thought about the gap too but hell id be using him just as mutch,but il stay alert for shure just on the off chance i found a chickenhawk with other motives

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    Well, do you look very young since you mentioned him being a chicken hawk? Since you are 19 and he is 32, I don't think you will be turned down. After the newness wears off, begin to access the relationship. There should be something more than just sex. Lastly, don't be down on yourself. I pretty much sold myself when I was 19, for drugs and alcohol. It was the worse time in my life, and I recovered very well. Hold you head up high and appreciate who you are.

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    hell i can pass for 28 with no questions asked,id rather have a friendship than a quickie anyway and to set the record straight i did most of the whoreing out when i was 16-18,have been clean now for seventeen months and damn proud of it! but as far as the head up settle for ok

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    Well... I guess your sure of his orientation, so why not just bring that up first?

    edit: Follow everything I say. I have a PHD in every field that has ever existed. I am a proffesional and know everything.

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