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Thread: For those who like to mess...

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    Default For those who like to mess...

    So when i wear, i usually like to mess my diaper and i like the babyish feeling...

    But i learned how to make myself poo that icky greenish poo that the babies do.

    I have been working outside this week and it has been crazy hot. SO i have been drinking PowerAde quite heavily and my favorite flavor is the Blue Rasberry flavor. I have had several gallons of it over the last few days. Evidently too much for my body to process all of the blue food coloring.

    Therefore 1/2 a gallon a day of blue Powerade + regular poo = green poo.

    Sorry for the disturbing image, but i thought someone might like to know about it.

    And no i was not working in the heat in my diaper, i was nice enough to spare the other workers from that. It is usually something i just do at home alone.


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    Thanks for bringing my sunday evening to a disgusting end; hardly an appropriate thing to post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WelshDragon View Post
    Thanks for bringing my sunday evening to a disgusting end; hardly an appropriate thing to post!
    To be fair, the title explicitly states that it's for people who like messing. If you didn't want to read about it, why did you click?

    He also said that he figured out how to make it green, at which point you could have stopped. You're just acting like a prude.

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    I do wonder whether that much powerade is good for you... I assume a natural food dye in water would have the same effect?

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    Meh - don't be sorry. Zephy is right - you did make every attempt to warn people. It's just their bad luck if they carried on reading.

    And I've no doubt there will be a few people here that will delight in this information!

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    Now this was over the course of 5 days I had 1 44oz, 2- 1 liter bottles, and 2 20oz bottles. So several gallons might have been a slight over-exaggeration, but i think that is close to 2 gallons. I also had a lot of regular water, too. But for as much energy as was being used, i am sure i burned most of the sugars and fats out of my body.

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    Default Fyi

    Just so you know, when your poop is green that means you are getting to much sugar! and could be in the road to diabetes!

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    When I was in India I found a milkshake parlour which did the most delicious blueberry milkshakes - they blended a huge number of blueberries with ice-cream and I noticed that the blueberries had a similar effect on me. I thought I had contracted some sort of horrible tropical disease until I realised that it was the blueberries causing the change. Under their blue/purple skins the flesh is green, so I guess maybe that is why. Anyway, blueberries may be a healthier (although no doubt more expensive) alternative to powerade for anybody who desires this effect...

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