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    I have an odd question about penises (that's a nice way to open...). For some reason, my penis does sort of a barrel roll. It doesn't turn outward very much, it just does a direct roll-over and ends up facing about 45 degrees to the right. It also causes me to pee significantly to the side. This has happened for as long as I can remember. Is this normal? Can anyone relate? Just curious, thanks.

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    It's normal for a penis to stand at an angle when erect to some extent. At what angle you'd be considered statistically abnormal, I'm not sure.

    As far as the roll thing... What you're describing sounds like a corkscrew... that would not be normal. Unless I am mistaking your explanation. I mean, that would likely negatively affect reproduction physically which would make it abnormal via straightforward evolutionary criteria.

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    have a google of 'Peyronie's disease' and see if that fits your symptoms.

    if not, it could also simply be from the way you mostly/usually have your penis whilst it is erect. lots of men have overly upright or angled erections from frequently becoming erect whilst clothed/diapered (the underpants/pants/diaper keeping and encouraging things to a certain position and bent).
    in this case it's not necessarily permanent and the penis reverts to a 'normal' slant after a prolonged period of erectile undress, if it's possible to phrase it that way(?)

    your doctor will be able to tell you better or you can visit a sexual health centre/clinic.

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