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Thread: Attends? safe?

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    Question Attends? safe?

    Please forgive if there has already been a thread posted on this, but I'm really psyched out...

    Summer just started and I have money saved up. I'm not looking for anything crazy so I went to the attends Website and and chose a product i liked. Problem is, I have crazy anxiety about buying these at any local stores... I'm fairly popular among my peers, and the adults of my community *Brag Brag* and It would be disastrous if a were found out.

    I wanted to order them through amazon. while my parents are gone this summer. but is it safe? will i get diaper catalogs in the mail or other mail regarding the purchase? Sorry for being long winded but this is the first time I've done this and its kind of scary...

    Thanks for the help.

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    Try ordering from XP medical, they have discreet shipping and dont send out catalogs, Ive had great luck with them.

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    I have used Amazon UK with no problems - Diapers came in a plain package and thgere was no follow up sales pitch - not even a message on the home page saying "6 out of 10 people who purchased their diapers from Amazon have also brought disposable bed pads".

    I reckon Amazon are savvy about customer privacy etc, so you should be OK

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