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Thread: Ahh... the blankie.

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    Default Ahh... the blankie.

    As I hold my blankie, which is a new one that my mom made for me of a baseball pattern for my birthday last year- she knows I still sleep with a blankie and a whale- but not about my AB side- I wonder if anyone else is as attached to their blankie like I am.

    I carry it around at home, sleep with it and I'm just plain emotionally attached to it.


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    I've actually never had a blankie. I suck!

    In fact, I don't think there is anything I'm emotionally-attached to in such a way... Except maybe my phone.

    Aw, I want one now!

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    I don't have a great emotional attachment to a blankie but I have an amazing one that one of my favorite cousins made for me. I have dragged it around the house with me, much more so when I was younger.

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    I've got several blankies that I trade around. Right now it's a soft, fuzzy pink one with flowers on it. In the winter time it's usually the huge fuzzy panda blanket I use to cover up with. If not that one, my beloved tiger blanket. (I have which is so well-loved it's lost much of it's fuzz and a new one that I got so I could 'retire' my original before it fell apart.)

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    I'm more attached to my plushies than my blankies, but I think that's more of a reflection on how hot it is here than anything else. When I was little I dragged my blankie around everywhere all the time.

    "Are you sure you want to take your blanket to the sleep over? What if the other boys make fun of you?"

    *"What insanity is coming out of your mouth, woman??" look*

    "I take that look to mean you don't care. Ok then."

    I like my teddy because I can hug him without fearing that either or both of us will spontaneously combust. (The only thing keeping that from happening being the miserable, smothering humidity.)

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    I didn't have a blankie as a kid, I'm sure I had one, but never got attached to it. I got a blankie a few years ago and have slept with it since. I dearly love my blankie

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    I don't have a blankie but I do sleep with a big teddy bear which I dearly love. My wife got him for me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

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    I remember having a few things like that... My actual blankie was given to my younger sister once she was born, and replaced by a big teddy bear... which I held on to and slept with until I was about 14... then my sister and I got lice, and we had them stored in the attic... I never saw him again. T_T I think it was my mom's way of making sure I got out of that habbit. But a year later, my grandma got me a NEW blankie... a nice big soft one - large enough for a twin-size bed. It has a dragon on it defending a castle... I've had that thing for ten years now, and it always goes with me when I travel. ^^

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    I aslo sleep with a stuffed animal too- a stuffed killer whale named Dee Dee that I bought off of eBay two years ago and I am as attached to her as I am my blankie. I can't sleep without either of them.


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