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Thread: Should I try adult diapers or stick to Goodnites?

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    Lightbulb Should I try adult diapers or stick to Goodnites?

    I'm considering giving the adult diapers you can only buy online a try, but I'm a bit concerned about whether or not they will fit. My choice is going to be either Bambinos or ABU Cushies with the most babyish design they offer. I am well aware from having read other threads on here that ABU has customer service issues and that they don't absorb as much as Bambinos, but they do look quite a bit more like baby diapers. I could maybe buy a sample size pack of each and compare and that way I'm not risking too much money with Cushies if for some reason they don't arrive.

    As mentioned earlier, I'm not sure how well the smallest size they have for either of these diapers will fit me. I've found the L/XL Goodnites to be a pretty much perfect fit for me and I do enjoy wearing them. I'm somewhere between a 30-32 inch waist and weigh around 150 pounds. Of course, the other advantage I see to Goodnites is the fact that I can buy them in a store and they are quite a bit cheaper than Bambinos.

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    I myself is about a 30" waist and 130 lbs, and find that most small sizes fit me good.
    Sadly neither Bambinos or Cushies make the small size. (Bambino used to)
    The mediums are way to big for me, tapes almost overlaping, going a fair bit over my belly button.

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    I am not up on US products - but generally if what you are using works for you - why change it? If you want to try aduly diapers then you have one advantage -the smaller sizes are cheaper. As I understand it Goodnights are like the drynights sold over here and are basically a absorbant underpant. This means that they have no kind of adjustment whereas adult diapers (as opposed to poise/depend/tena pants) cover a range of sizes - typically 22-36 inches - so by adjusting the tapes you can get the fit you need and are used to.

    It really comes down to personal choice - Experience has taught me that trying a number of diaperso ut is really useful - sometimes you htink "that will never suit me" but sometimes you are proved wrong.

    To help us decide manufacturers and some on line stores send out free samples -it is up to you to decide how close to a real" baby diaper" various products look.

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    Are there any other online suppliers that have a babyish adult diaper that I didn't mention? I think for now my plan will be to get some Goodnites here soon and put in an order for a Bambino's sample pack. I'm thinking I'm best to stick to Goodnites just because of how they are easier to get and are cheaper, but if I like Bambino's (or Cushies if I decide to try them) I can always do both.

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    If the tapes overlap, there is no way possible that you have a 30 inch waist. I have about a 29 inch waist, and medium bambinos fit me just perfect. Definitely try ABU's diapers or Bambino diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by checkplease View Post
    If the tapes overlap, there is no way possible that you have a 30 inch waist. I have about a 29 inch waist, and medium bambinos fit me just perfect. Definitely try ABU's diapers or Bambino diapers.
    Well they donīt really overlap, the tapes are just really very close together.
    Perhaps iīm picky but I feel like i am "drowning" in the mediums...
    I like it snug

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    If you order from Bambino, then you can only get Mediums, which is just about right for the measurements that you described, anyway. =)

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    Suggestion: ABU does have a 2 pack of Cushies. The mediums fit a waist of 32". Purchase them and see how they fit. If necessary, add some padding and it might help with fitting into them. Or Home Page - The Worlds Best AB/DL Superstore does have 2 other disposable diapers that come in small size 24" to 32" - Tranquility and Wellness. Molicare smalls are 20" to 31". Then if you'd like I or someone else could supply you with landers that could be taped to the diaper to make it look more babyish.Click image for larger version. 

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    I just got in my first pack of Bambinos today. I could get them on easily and they stayed on, but they feel a little loose. I'm not really used to putting on 2 tape diapers, so I think I could have possibly made the tapes tighter (I might try to on the 2nd one). Haven't tried wetting yet, but that's next on the agenda. So far I like them. I've never worn a diaper this thick before.

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    If you think a single diaper is thick than you defetly do not want to double them up.
    However if you are wanting to get maximum wear time and maximum wet diaper time a doubbled diaper is best.

    I have a good supply of the ABU Chushies and I love them, the one tape design and babyish design make them look more of a babys diaper than an adult diaper, however they are not as adsorbant as the Bambinos, so I find myself doubling them when I decided I want an extended stay in my diapers.

    And if this is yoor first time wearing adult diapers you should find that they are far better than any pull up style diaper.

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