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Thread: Lidl Supermarket now stock adult nappies in England

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    Default Lidl Supermarket now stock adult nappies in England

    I was in my local Lidl supermarket today when I spotted they had adult nappies (incontinence slips) in the middle aisle.
    It was busy so I did not buy any but they look very good, at 9.99 for 28 in medium, they have all the essentials and says for day and night-time, so I guess they are very absorbant.
    Has anyone tried them out yet? I will buy a pack during the week and let you know, I will try them overnight and see if they are any good, they seem to be made in Germany.

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    Hey there, glad you've found them!

    There's actually a current discussion with images too - - hope you find the answers you're looking for!

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