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    Ok, I am not sure if this is a weak bladder issue but,
    1)i went to the pub once and before I went home used the loo, unfortunatly i missed my bus and had another two drinks. I needed to use the loo on the bus and knew I could hold it but near getting off my bladder released. Fortunatly no one noticed, neither did mother who picked me up, she said I smelled like beer

    2) At school(2-3 years ago I was needing to use the loo, I raced down the stairs and as doing so i started weeing myself. I used my sports clothes and dried others but i smelled though i dont think anyone knows.

    Would this be a weak bladder issue?

    I am an DL btw and wear nappies, occasionally wet em.

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    The question about having a weak bladdder is going to come into your mind. But in the grand scheme of things it might just be a bad timing issue - everyone has probably wet their pants a few times. It's a fact of life - embarassing but affecting most people. I used to associated with a young peoples holiday accommodation place - there were wet beds or requests for wet clothing to be washed often enough to know that leakage wasn't uncommon among groups of high achieving teens. I guess the staff only got to know about "full blown" flooding accidents - anyone who is honest with themselves probably admits that they have had times when they have "got away" with "near misses" - either by hanging on to some control or by taking a whizz in an unauthorized place.

    Things to watch out for are it happening more often than is normal for you (probably about once in a blue moon) without any obvious reason - you mentioned alcohol and it does make you want to wee more - and perhaps care a lot less about who sees you wet. If it does happen more than once in a while its worht seeing a doctor in case something needs attending to.

    Our bodies are not 100 per cent reliable in any department and we don't bother overmuch about minor aches or pains - so don't worry too much if your bladder has an off day.

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    I agree with dayandnight - it sounds like a couple of one off issue really!

    Beer is a diuretic - have you heard of breaking the seal when drinking? Once you start, it's fairly common to pee every few drinks!

    As for the school issue, it's fairly common for bladders to give in if you've been holding too long!

    So basically, don't worry unless it happens frequently!

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    I think it is just holding to long, and the pub thing happend twice although the first was a wet bed, now that I have acquired nappies, I will wear them from when I leave the pub. Would Molicare Moliflex Super or Molicare Mobile be okay? I have only tried Molicare and Tena Pants Plus as they were free.

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    All depends on how much you are planning to wet them. Odds are they will all be fine, you'll just need to do some stress testing and try them all out first!

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    People ! In cases like this you should: 1) go to the doctor !! Then you'll know what's wrong with you(your body) ?

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