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    Hey guys, I spent a long time this week thinking a whole lot about working up the courage to ask this guy out. He's smart, funny, gorgeous and an all around gentleman. Any girl would want him. He wanted me alright. As a friend with benefits. I get the courage to ask him on a simple harmless date, nothing even had to come from it, I just wanted to have a little fun for a night and feel important and cared about instead of just another hot broad who's great in bed, but nooooo. He says he wants to be married to his work, which makes no sense at all to me because he works two times a week and he's taking the summer off school. Sounds like a lame excuse for "I just wanted your body". I'm so sick of being that girl that people just want to use. I'm so tired of this, I'll probably never find somebody else like me. You ever get that feeling that you'll always be alone?

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    You ever get that feeling that you'll always be alone?
    Yeah, all the time.... I'm a freak who likes diapers and has poor long term career prospects....

    I think take the "hot broad" and bank that - and you're probably not a shallow creep so you will meet someone who wants to care about you, who wants something deeper. I think a lot of us on this site are probably mis-fits even without ABDL and no doubt you aren't alone. I don't know how old you are, maybe you're just too young to meet many guys that are emotionally mature enough to have serious relationships with? Another method I suppose would be to work up social relationships with guys and then if you think they're up to it move on to a romantic relationship. It's great that you have the courage to ask though- you sound like someone that might intimidate "sensitive" type guys from asking you...

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    Did you actually get to know the guy before you asked him out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCH0NH31T View Post
    We've been good friends for three years. :/
    well my theory is shot....

    just wallow in misery until someone makes the effort to come to you then ;-)

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    I know that feeling. I've got this girl who I met last summer, and even though we're no longer officially boyfriend/girlfriend, we're still very much an item. I'll get to see her over the summer, but in the fall she's off to college on the opposite side of the country than I. So unless I chase after her, I'm worried I won't find anyone else who I could love as much.

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    My son has the same problem. It seems so strange, all these young people looking for someone to love, and you can't find each other. All you can do is not give up and keep trying.

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    Yeah, kinda am right now. Not surprising nowadays it seems the hit-and-run approach by my fellow peers--I'm very displeased at that. I'm just worried for the offspring of Generation Fail...

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