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Thread: KINS Adult All-In-One Velcro Cloth Diaper: opinions or reviews?

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    Default KINS Adult All-In-One Velcro Cloth Diaper: opinions or reviews?

    The title pretty much says it all. I noticed there was a thread from 2009, but maybe there's some fresh opinion or insight to be had. I'm thinking of ordering 2 of the "Large" size from KINS, even though I'm a "Medium", I like bulky diapers. My waist size should still be fine, but I'm a little concerned about the special instructions provided.

    KINS says the product is best laundered commercially, because washing machine spin cycles might inhibit water leaving the protective cover, getting it trapped between the absorbent layer and waterproof layer. I'm going to launder them at home, and I don't see any particular trouble as I use an indoor clothesline to dry things inside out, but there could be something I'm missing.

    Any comments are appreciated!

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    All-in-ones can be problematic for just the reason KiNS says. In the spin cycle, at least part of the waterproof side of the diaper is likely to be against the drum. The water in the absorbent side doesn't spin out, because it's trapped by the waterproof side. If you wring it out and air-dry it, it will be less of a problem, but it will take a long time to dry.

    Also, it's very likely to unbalance the drum in the spin cycle, because it's all one piece.

    The biggest thing in laundering is that you can melt or compromise the plastic. It can't take the heat that it takes to dry the diaper. If you air dry, that's not a problem. But because one side is against plastic, it will take a lot longer to dry.

    The plastic will wear out long before the diaper.

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    I have some cloth AIO's with plastic covers, if you turn them inside out and then put the in the washer they spin out fine, drying is a whole another issue, i use the extra low heat setting and a long cycle though air dry in the sun would be best, uv bleaches and kills germs.
    since you haven't bought them yet you could get aio's with pul covers(thin water proofed canvass), i have some they breath better than the pastic ones and launder easily mine are from, yuyun(nicediaper) anyway here is a link in case you interested.
    Aio pull up
    Velcro six layer

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    One thing to consider when sun drying is that sunlight accelerates the breakdown of plastics. It could shorten the life of the cover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asayuu View Post
    I have some cloth AIO's with plastic covers, if you turn them inside out and then put the in the washer they spin out fine
    I do this with my Kins pull-up AIOs as well, and they wash just fine. I find that sitting them upside down (so they're resting on the waist band, with the leg holes upwards) speeds up air drying quite a bit. Indoors they take about 2-3 days to dry out fully.

    Also a word of advice on the velcro AIOs from Kins. I got one a couple of years ago and found that the velcro patches on the front weren't very big. That means they don't haves much adjustment for waist size.

    Hope this helps

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    Velcro isn't very secure, unless you have a big contact area. Wear a stretch pant over it to keep the velcro from pulling open.

    A stretch pant also holds the diaper snug against your skin, so it soaks up and wicks away the urine right away, rather than letting it run down your skin.

    My mother used to get us snap-side plastic pants from Sears that were lined with a layer of heavy flannel. It didn't have a soaker panel sewn in. They weren't all-in-ones for me -- I needed a diaper, too. It was comfortable not to have the plastic in contact with my skin. The lining didn't help if I flooded the diaper, but it did minimize small leaks. They air-dried in about an the same amount of time as a two-ply flannel flat (the house-standard diaper).

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    just a note the ones from nice diaper have Velcro strip completely across the front.

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    You guys are great! Thanks for all of your help.

    I've gone ahead and ordered a couple of AIO's: after reading what has been said here, I don't think I should have a lot of problems.


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