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    seen these in Target today and figured some of you would want to see these....If you havent already
    Pampers Prints Diapers: Learn About Pampers Prints Diapers at


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    those are freak-ish-ly cute!!
    thank you for sharing!

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    Cute. Not that I'd buy them. But why are they only available for a limited time? These are baby diapers, not limited edition sports cars or something.... geez.

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    That explains what I saw yesterday. They definitely look cute IRL.

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    size 4 is as big as they go, not cool. I hate that huggies jeans only go to size 5, but this is even worse. They had something like this a year or two ago, but the prints were just a little different. I wish there were adult diapers with prints like these.

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    Ok just for a reference this is the pampers version of the blue jean Diapers the huggies has out right now, this is just the two sides doing their thing.

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    They look awesome. Too bad they don't come in much larger sizes, otherwise I probably would have bought them by now.

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