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Thread: Flatfold cloth diaper sizing

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    Default Flatfold cloth diaper sizing

    So I'm going to start out really simple and make a few fleece flatfolds, but I'm not sure exactly what measurement I need to take to make sure they are the right size. Any one have tips or links they could share?

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    You might find what you need at:

    Kayla’s Cloth Kits

    How to Make Adult Cloth Diapers |

    How to Alter and Design Patterns for Adult Babies with Resources for Custom and Off-the-Shelf Clothing for ABs

    How To Make Cloth Diapers

    And the picture at: Adult Diaper Pattern | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    You will gather we have looked at doing this, but didn't in the end because of difficulties about doing laundry and my unwillingness to have adult nappies hanging on the washing line in full view of passers by!

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    If you're planning to make simple squares, check out some of the websites that sell adult size terry squares - some have lists of what size square fits what rage of waist sizes.

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