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    Hey Bros,

    So apparently an introduction is needed.

    I am What. What?

    I used to frequent this site back in the day under a different username but eventually meandered away. In any case, I am back for a time as I am curious to see just how this place has changed since last I was here. "Nostalgia Quest" pretty much,

    In terms of the "community", I have been around and about on many sites over the last 9 or so years. Mostly FTT, so some may be able to take a stab at who I am. Cause I know that is just SO much fun. (granted I hardly show up there either)

    Anyway, I dabble in a bit of everything but I am mostly interested in art and the like.

    So yea, there is that.

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    Nope. No idea. I will need a hint...
    How have we changed: compared to when? back in "the day?" back in which day?

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    Hey What!

    Did you draw the picture that you posted? Super awesome if you did! And yea, welcome to the community; hope you enjoy it and have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Nope. No idea. I will need a hint...
    How have we changed: compared to when? back in "the day?" back in which day?
    Changed compared to last time I "really" showed up in like 2008 (though I was around since the days) . (well I guess that is not really "back in the day" qualifications, but still) Big things would be the "leveling up" system thing as well as the locking of the forums to lurkers. Seems as though the place has turned into a bit of a fortress and bit less inviting.
    Regardless, the guessing game is going to be a bit impossible. The only clue is the picture. (don't get past that and you're pretty much out of luck)

    Oh, yes and thanks Asher.

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    Less inviting. Hmmm.There's a greeting crew that takes a lot of time and trouble with every newcomer to make them feel welcome and say more than a quick hello; we are myself, Dandansuperman, Eyore and Talula, the official staff greetings helper. Yes, you have to join and contribute something, and make at least a small effort to add to the forums;but you can stay as a "registered lurker" after that. Is it that much to ask? It was easier to get a person engaged in the forums before; if people don't get involved we end up as a community of strangers distant from each other. Really, Moo knows what he is doing; I have had disagreements with him but his vision has borne fruit and I trust in him; while his way may not be the only possible way to go forward it most certainly IS a way that has seen the site develop and prosper.

    He will hear you out if you have specific suggestions to improve the site and can CONCRETELY describe any flaws you see and can offer concrete suggestions for improvement.

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