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Thread: I can't find the stupid diapers anywhere!

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    Default I can't find the stupid diapers anywhere!

    I decided I'd go to the store today to buy some Huggies Overnites size 6. Usually if I go to Walgreens, they have w/e I'm looking for. Well I stopped there and they didn't have those. They also don't carry Pampers Cruisers size 7 anymore, which made me kinda mad. So I went to another Walgreens and they of course didn't have either. So I just got a bag of Huggies Snug & Dry... and that was the most embarrassing situation I've ever had buying diapers...

    The cashier lady asked how old my daughter was (all I did was place diapers on the counter to be purchased and she jumped to conclusions), so I told her 2 yrs old. And she told me about how she's so glad those days are over with, and wanted to know how the potty training was going, which I told her fine. She talked for a good 3 minutes, asking plenty of questions... my face was blood red, well at least it felt like it was on fire, so that was totally embarrassing...

    Anywho... I then went to CVS, which didn't have the pampers size 7 or the huggies overnites. I then tried the local supermarket, Bi-Lo, which had neither either. I then went to K-mart, which was closed... bummer... so lastly, I went to Walmart, and had to abort mission b/c it was flooded with familiar faces of people from my old high school/town... so I got an Xbox live points card instead...

    I pretty much went to every store in my town except Piggly Wiggly and Food Lion (I know pretty much every cashier at both places, so that's why I didn't check those places). Ugh, oh well. I'll order some diapers online sometime I suppose...

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    Wow i hate it when you go searching through everystore for something that no one has. Its so stressful, not to mention a waste of time and gas.

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    order online! it's like getting a present in the mail

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    I do that every few months, for one thing or another. It sucks so bad to get home and just feel like a failure. Before you go out next time, have a second item that you "look forward to" if they don't have what you want. Even if you don't really want the second item that bad, it can atleast take some of the presure off getting home empty handed. Try to look forward to getting snug and dry even if your not, just to psych yourself up. It wont get you what you really want, go online if you are that interested, but it can make you feel better about failure.

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    Do you have a target or kroger? I have seen them in both stores.

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    I can't believe the cashier actually started talking to you like that. I'd almost say it's rude--she's holding you up and possibly others if there's a line. The assumptions, too... You really should've filled out one of those little complaint forms, though I can understand why you'd rather leave!

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    The lady was just trying to make conversation to be honest. Not too long ago in this country it was considered good business to talk to those you're servicing. That would suck though having to stand there buying them being questioned..

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    Man that sucks being questioned at CVS. I had that happen a few times it sucks. I just wanna get some diapers and leave. I really hope CVS might start caring those self check out things those things are really cool.

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    Understand where you are coming from - buying adult diapers in a store today gives me the same kind of feelings as I had buying contraceptives at a pharmacy long ago. And I probably go just as red!

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