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Thread: Need some help with my depends...

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    Default Need some help with my depends...

    Hey all, um this is kind of embarrassing for me but today I went and bought my first pack of adult diapers, the Depends Fitted Max Protection, and I'm having some trouble putting the diaper on. Can any of you please explain to me the right way to tape up this diaper so it fits right? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Have a look at the package, there's a graphic that shows the process. The tapes fasten in front. I find it's best to tape from the bottom tape up but some people prefer a different approach. It's about getting a snug but not circulation cutting, tape popping fit. It shouldn't be rocket science, although you will get better at it with practice.

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    This works for me - Stand with my back against a wall/door. Put the diaper behind me (and about once every 3 times get it upside down or back to front so start again!) Then position myself centrally with equal "wings" of the nappy either side. Lean back on wall and pull one side of the front up - making sure I have got the "north/south" orientation of my "hose" right, as this affects leak prevention. Then fasten one bottom tape- making sure it is in roughly the right place - not too far up or down the "landing zone". Then do the same with the other bottom tape - making sure you are starting to feel snug and secure. Then hold the bit of the diaper that goes across your tummy and pull in the top of one wing of the diaper and fasten the top tape - then the same to other side, again making sure you are comfy.

    I hope this is clear - it gets easier with practice but if anyone has mobility difficulties the diapers with velcro type fasteners are easier to manage - and if you get it wrong you don't end up with tapes sticking to you in painful places!

    Good luck.

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    I find its best to tape the bottom tab first, aim it slightly upward toward the waist. Then wiggle a little to make sure everything is on straight. Take middle tapes straight across and really pull them pretty tight (like trevor mentioned earlier, don't cut off circulation though). Pull the top tapes up toward your cheast and get slack out of the sides, then aim them down toward your knees.

    I recomend doing it lying down, at least at first because it is easier and works better. Keep trying it and figure out what works for your body and with your preferences. As you get more used to taping them, then you can try to put them on against the wall or even freestanding. Don't stress about it, taping diapers on is a skill that can take time to learn.

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    Oh god. I have the same problem. They have 3 tabs right? The third tab makes it so hard to put on :\

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    Thanks everyone . For the longest time I've been using Goodnites. However, I've started to get bigger both horizontally and vertically, so Goodnites really weren't cutting it anymore. Those fitted max protection depends are the first true tape-on diapers my size that I've worn since I was a toddler . I thought it'd be a breeze taping on a diaper after I witnessed it done so many times to baby's when I went to daycare. However, those baby diapers don't have these tricky 3 tapes. Thx for taking the time to help me, I'm sure newbies like me get annoying for some if you savvy vets after a while

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    It's a good thing I saved this message, I wrote this for someone else and figured it would come in use It pertains to 2-tape diapers, but 3-tapes are the same, start from the bottom.

    If you're going to use powder, make sure NOT to get it on the tapes or it wont stick. The tape side goes in back of course.
    Lie down, and then either lay down on top of the diaper or pull it underneath you until you position it so that the leg gathers feel like they
    are supposed to (i.e. the bigger part covers your butt then thins a little to go in between your legs). Then make sure both sides look
    even and not lop sided, as well as you feeling comfortable down there (up or down, it's up to you, but up tends to leak more).
    Then you could pull a little on the top of the back of the diaper to see if it's snug, and make sure that the front goes up to your
    belly button. It might be a little higher or lower depending on how you tape it. Make sure the front is relatively smooth when you get
    ready to put the tapes on. Luckily for you, Abena's tapes have two tries on them (blue and white one) so you get two attempts
    You're going to want to tuck the side of the front under the sides from the back and then bring the tapes over, starting with the both ones.
    Make sure when you tape them, you make it relatively snug, but not to the point where it hurts or constricts your blood flow. Try to find a
    comfortable spot before you stick the tapes on, then stick em. Once the bottom ones are secure (taped, rubbed them a little bit
    for a better stick, etc), you can either stay on the floor/lying down or you can stand up to do the top tapes. Standing up to do the tops
    always gives me a better fit because I will be standing up here and there with my diaper on. Then you just enjoy your diaper ^_^

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    To be honest I started at the top, then middle and then finally last the legs, I found doing around my legs made them too tight and would sometimes cause the tapes to start digging into my legs, I m sure you just need practice and will get more comfortable as time goes on

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