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Thread: wearing vs. using diapers

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    Default wearing vs. using diapers

    So I'm new to all of this, and I apologize if I ask questions that have been talked about before. Just direct me to the thread if you're tired of talking about it!

    I've never worn a diaper, and I am confused about a lot of stuff. Most importantly, I have very little desire to eliminate in a diaper, but I don't know if that's something I'm alone in. I want the experience of being diapered, and the padded feeling of wearing one, but as I don't regress younger than 2 or 3, I don't so much feel the need to pee myself. Plus I get UTI's at the whisper of a germ, so complete cleanliness is very important to me.

    Am I the only one who wants to be diapered without wanting to pee?

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    Course you're not. I'm sure many people - if not most - who will contribute to this thread will feel the same.

    It's totally just a personal thing - like everything AB!

    Some of us like the feeling of wetting, either emotional or physical, and some of us see diapers as the sum of their practicalities and think we don't get value for money unless we wet them! It's all down to your own preferences, and you're in no way weird for them!

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    There are lots of times I'll diaper up but not use them, especially if I don't expect to have time or privacy for cleanup. The feeling of a fresh, dry, fluffy diaper is just as satisfying as last night's soggy one, only different.

    I bet that sooner or later you'll get the urge to experiment, though, and that will be that.

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    I think you will have worn and used a diaper before, that is unless your parents let you pee and poop in your pants :P

    Anywho, I think it's one of those things that you've got to try, even if it isn't an attractive prospect to you. You never know, you might like it.

    I wet my diapers, and I feel that it is wasteful not to use them to do that for which they were designed. Having said that, I do not always use my diaper and if I don't I'll put it back in my stash for next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersam1223 View Post
    I think you will have worn and used a diaper before, that is unless your parents let you pee and poop in your pants :P
    Okay true enough, I was in diapers at one point in my life, but I was naked baby potty trained, so I also just went without one, too!

    But you guys are right in that I'll experiment, and I may like it, but I may not, too. As for being wasteful, that totally makes sense that if you're using disposables, and I understand wanting to get the money's worth. But I already know I'm going cloth, I use cloth pads for my period, and I was in cloth diapers as a kid. I can't give up my hippie ways, haha.

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    For me, there's upsides to both. Dry, I can feel the soft cushion beneath me, and also you have the clean diaper smell, which I absolutely <3. Wetting helps me regress a lot, and also has a squishy, warm, wonderful feeling.

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    I diaper up many times without using them. I can wear a diaper and not have to use them, sometimes i feel like that when i have the diaper on it just fits the persona

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    I wonder if those who use their diapers for their intended purpose are the ones who are sexually stimulated by diapers, and conversely, those who just wear, do so more as a non-sexual, comfort thing? I suppose that would make an interesting pole.

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    I didn't at first. My thing is for plastic pants; accepting disposables came later. No, just wearing turned me on. I kept my eyes open and eventually came across the term "infantilism" especially "paraphylic infantilism." The little I could find on it left me confused: ageplay was not my thing, yet all the stuff on the topic I could find said it should be. I got the notion in my head it was "the "right" way to go about diapers and my way was "wrong.," deviant somehow.

    Of course my horizons are broader now and I see all kinds of variation on the theme: Some ageplayers don't even wear a diaper, but go in for baby toys, footed sleepers, and other paraphernalia. There are rubber and vinyl fetishists whose interest in diapers is only incidental. Some use: and among those only some of them mess. Many only like the diapers as a punishment-item in humiliation roleplay. Still others ageplay but as an older child who bedwets, and are not interested in being a baby. When you bring furriness into the mix, it goes off in yet more directions.

    None of us fits an exact mold, even if we conform very roughly to certain categories. How you play, if you wish to play at all is up to you; I would suggest reading widely to see if others' ideas inspire you.

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    The feeling of a clean diaper is totally awesome. I can't reorder that frequently though, or wear for that matter, so while I would absolutely love to wear without using it more than I do, I like the feeling of totally "using" my diaper, so I don't waste it.

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