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    I cannot afford to wear real plastic pants. I have found that if you use 13 gallon plastic trash bags you can wet just about as much as you like without fear of leakage. It is easiest to put the bags on while wearing socks and inserting your feet through the corners of the bag and pulling them up your legs. When the bag is up and around your waist you can tie it into a knot to keep it from falling down.

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    I agree-
    For quicky disposable diaper covers I find a 4 gallon "small trash" bag to be perfecto. I'll seam the bottom and sides with pink or purple (fave colors) duct tape, fold in 1/2 lengthwise, and cut the corners out in an arc with scissors. That way'tha leg holes are nice and snug. Some baby powder on your legs and in'tha bag help'sa lot when pulling it in place. Got'ta go kinda slow to keep'tha bag from tearing, and be careful not to let it pull'tha tabs on your diaper, but once in place it's pretty bomb-proof. Oh- I also tuck the plastic 'tween the leg openings up tight around the diaper on either side, that keeps any leaks from happening.

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