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Thread: HI - but not Dry!

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    Default HI - but not Dry!

    Hullo - I have come to ADISC because i am an incontinent person who has a fascination for diapers (or like in Australia we call them "nappies" in England) that stemmed from early life experiences with terry cloth nappies and rubber pants as a boy, then trainer pants made out of layers of nappy material and finally no protection at all but occasional day or night time wetting accidents - well and a few of the other sort as well.

    Diapers have become a lifeline again after a few illnesses hit me. I struggled to cope without the security of something absorbant between my legs, but it was a battle I was destined to lose. When I had a spectacular "double incontinence" accident I just had to accept that I wasn't in control and buy some adult nappies - and here I am 6 years later, managing things well and really feeling that the need to be diapered has not unduly limited my life.

    I have a lot of interests, and although retired am active in the community.

    The moral questions about an interest in Diapers only concern me about myself - I do need to be careful to keep things in perspective, but would not want to ever be seen to be judgemental of others who might see things differently from myself.

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    Welcom Dyannight! Maybe tell us something about your hobbies, music tastes?

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    While it has actually been stated officially that Adisc is targeted to young members, I like to see oldsters here, like myself who have been through everything the young the going through, or more, as we know what it was like not to have an internet. One message we bring is that life WILL get easier with one's own place, one's own car, a living income,and the freedom to live one's own life without disapproval, having to look over one's shoulder, being considered sick, and having one's possessions gone through, and not being free to socialize irl with whom one chooses.

    But by the same token,we can advise responsibility in handling all those things, and being around to offer guidance. What seem like insurmountable difficulties will give way to becoming nuisances within one's ability to handle. Our proclivities - call it a fetish or something else - are a heavy burden growing up, one most of us are ill-equipped to handle; it makes life difficult.

    Some of us remain in need of a support community for years; others like to keep on lending a helping hand, even as still others get their life in order and move on to other sites ("in addition" rather than "instead of") to get on with the serious business of being who they are among adult company, to fully enjoy being among like-minded people, freely engaging in all manner of "adult" fun.

    Diapers play nothing but a positive role in my life: no binge/purge cycle for me (just the sometime lessening of interest and saving supplies for later.)

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