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Thread: I want a stuffed monkey!

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    Talking I want a stuffed monkey!

    I came into work today and there was a stuffed monkey that one of our customers had left here. He has been keeping me company all night, and now i want one of my own. I am going to have to go out and buy one. I have been a DL for sometime, and am only recently starting to accept my AB-ness. I have a Nuk4 (going to buy a Nuk5), I have a onsie, and now i am going to buy a stuffed monkey. The only thing left is to name him... Any Suggestions?

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    I need a plushy as well.

    Hmm names... Well I'm not very good at making names. I'll try to think of some while I think of names for the plushy I'm going to get soon.

    Good luck

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    YAY MONKIES. I've got two... one lime green that makes a monkey sound and one big Curious George monkey.

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    Don't go with anything cliche like "Kong" or something like that. Just think for a while and you'll eventually decide on a name that's yours and yours alone. Buuuut, if you want some suggestions...

    Name it after a pet you've previously owned.
    Name it after the last name of someone you look up to.
    Name it Rokudo Mukuro....for the sake of awesomeness.

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    Well, I like the name Napoleon a lot, but I donīt know if itīs the right name for a monkey...maybe for a very small monkey...

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    Name it
    Apollo... or really anything mythological
    after a president, king, or other political leader
    a musician of some sort

    just a few ideas.

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    Well it seems that most small children name their plushies after the animal that they are, for example I have a cuddly hippo called hippo!

    As for suggestions, err, I my monkey is called Sam, you should be creative and DO NOT give it some shitty cliche name that has been used a million times before.

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    I have a big monkey little smaller than me I call him bobo I think that a name that goes with the animal sounds best bobo is a monkey name in my opinion

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