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    So anyway I have been on Vesicare for overactive bladder for a few months. Now I am getting ready to leave for college in a few weeks and my umm issues are getting out of hand. At home I usually just get up and use my bathroom several times and stumble back to bed. I am sure my future roomate will not appreciate me jumping up to use the toilet every 2 seconds. Vesicare 10 mg just aint cutting it. I guess Ill be heading to the doc. I have some Abena Supers left that I figured might be good so I can sit through longer classes, however I planned on only wearing during the day. I hate wearing to bed because I inevitably end up leaking/not sleeping. I suppose I could use an empty bottle or something. I just don't want to seem wierd. What should I do? Also what is wrong with me? As soon as I lay down I feel like I have to pee. Then I jump up a little comes out, then I stumble back to bed to start all over again.

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    No reputable or ethical physician will answer that in a forum; you hit the nail on the head, so see your Primary Care Provider, he can sort it out better than any of us.

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    I hate the idea of bottles but you can get plastic ones with a secure screw top especially designed to be portable urinals - They hold a fair amount and are very useful because you can have one in bed with you, use it and no one need ever know if you choose the time to empty it carefully - also they are not transparent and because of this and the shape no one will ever confuse the contents with cider or soft drinks!

    Please do see your doctor - I am one of those people who are worse off because my diagnosis was delayed.

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    You may be able to use a male urinal in bed, but trust me, anyone in the same room will know you're using it. From personal experience in the ICU, the sound of urine splashing in a plastic jug is not exactly quiet.

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    Good point about the noise - I was looking at the cheapest option - the gel filled "portable urinals" that are one use only and look like a strong plastic bag are quieter. You can also buy (at least I can here in the UK) the gel beads and put them in a male urinal - they absorb as the pee hits them and quieten things down. Regarding wearing diapers to bed - apart form the issue about telling your room-mate I think it is possible to have a nightime diaper you can be confident in - but it may take a little "road testing" of various brands and sizes (both inches round the waist and liquid capacity) before you get something you feel you can trust. I sleep on a disposable absorbant pad as well as my diaper - am wet every night and only leak very rarely - but the pad makes me feel more secure and once I am confident in the precautions I take I find I can relax and get undisturbed nights.

    The other issue that might arise from your original post is that any good college will have support for people with all kinds of disability or impairment - both great and small. Your description of what is happening to you seems to indicate that you are entitled to help from the College in managing the difficulty you anticipate. It is hard building up courage to ask, but often the knowledge that someone who is discrete and trustworthy, knows about you and can take action if needed can take away some of the stress. Colleges know that problems like this (and many others) can affect your academic performance and won't want to see you do less well because of something that can be eased with a bit of helpful support.

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    Dayannight hit it on the head, you not only need to see your doctor about this, but talk with the college about it. Most will put those with the same type of problems/disabilities together to make it easier on you.
    I personally think the idea of a bottle/bag may end up causing you more problems then you think. I know when I was a preteen, I used cans and bottles but I had a room to myself, but they still cause smell, disposal issues and so on.

    Instead of the Abena Supers, you might want to look at using the Abena XPlus for night. I use them for day and night and they have worked out really great for me.
    Hope you find out what is going on and are able to find what helps and works for you.

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    I also should mention that I am in a pickle because I told my mom about my ABism a few years ago. She is all pokey and proddy about everything. She has even literally stalked me on this forum. I have money saved up to take care of things but it was more for day time issues. Also I hate wearing to bed. I always leak/fear leaking so much that I can't sleep at all. I think I will just try a new med or something. Maybye insomnia is setting in a little bit. I am already having difficulty sleeping lately without my bladder issues. I think at this point I will opt for wearing Abena Supers to long classes and find a stronger med for nightime. Also I might need to mention that when I am trying to get to sleep my bladder feels full even though it is not even that full. It is not really needing to get up to wizz at night it is the feeling of needing to wizz.

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    Getting a good nights sleep is important - if you have good protection the risk of wetting is less important than getting yourself frazzled because you have not had proper rest. I use a disposable bed pad as well as a diaper and find this is much more comfortable than plastic pants (ugh!) and if the pad is wet I just roll the diaper up in it and dispose of them in the usual way - plastic bag and then into the bin.

    Having said that I rarely leak, and if you have the right size/type of diaper you shouldn't either! It may need a bit of experimentation with free samples,etc. - but it is possible to feel secure and know you will not dampen the bed - even if you do pee in your sleep. I used to go through nightmares trying to avoid havong to use a diaper - tried all sorts of tricks to stay awake/wake up/etc. This ruined my life and once I knew I wasn't going to win I wore nightly and relaxed - life felt better because I reckoned I was in charge of the situation - not constantly fighting the inevitable.

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    From a practical standpoint, if your already comfortable waking up at night and going, you can probably get in and out of the room without making much noise, I mean it is college, and usually it is pretty normal for people to wake up/go to bed at different times so it might not bother your roommate as much as you expect.

    From a medical standpoint, it sounds like since things are changing seeing your doctor would definitely be the right call as others have said, and if it has been managed by your PCP up until now, it would not be unreasonable to ask for a referral to a urologist if you are not already being followed considering your age and worsening symptoms.

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    Did you inform residential life at the college that you have these issues? If they know you have this condition they will have to accommodate you & ether get you a privet/semi privet room or at the very least a room mate that ether has issues of there own or understanding of your medical condition.

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