Where is the report button?
The report button is at the bottom of each post.
It looks like this: .

What does it do?
It allows you to report something to the ADISC staff team.
Simply press it, explain the reason for your report, and hit "Send Report".
A report thread will be created under your name in the requests forum. You will be able to see your report, as well as what the responding staff member did about it.

When should I report?
Whenever something breaks the rules, or if it needs attention for another reason (e.g: a sticky has an out-of-date link in it).
As a general guideline, whenever you ask yourself "should I give this negative reputation?" - you should also ask yourself "should I report this?". There will be some things that deserve negative reputation but not reporting, and vice versa. Still, when you encounter something problematic, ask yourself both questions.

What about places where there is no report button?
Usually there will be a report button somewhere nearby, though it may look slightly different (e.g: ). Sometimes, it appears as the word "report".
If there isn't a report button/link handy, you can report simply by creating a new thread in the requests forum. Be sure to include the exact URL of whatever it is you want to report, as well as a short explanation of why you're reporting it.

The report button is there to help you.
If there's a fight, someone spamming, or simply something that needs to be fixed for other reasons, please let us know. We're here to help!