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Thread: Fav Store bought Diaper

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    Default Fav Store bought Diaper

    So just wondering, what are peoples favorite diaper you can buy in a common store i.e. Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Etc.

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    Oh and why you like them so much

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    Goodnites or CVS generic brand, which are the same as walgreens Generic

    I really like Pull Ups, and the CVS are just better then depends, more absorbant and the tapes are able to refasten many times.

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    Drynites, because that's my only option in Scotland.

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    Walgreens, because they fit the best and leak the least.

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    I used to get the 6tape Attends at my local target, nice and cheap and crinkly. If those weren't available, Walgreens certainty.

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    Agreed Attends are fun, crinkly and soft, $30CDN roughly, not very absorbant though

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    Gotta go with Walgreens/CVS I usually wear 3 at a time though, with slits cut in the first two.

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    Walgreens! Because they are cheap and they work really well for me. Plus they are on the thinner side so they are discrete, but can also be crinkly

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