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    I am frustrated, I am 5'5 115lbs and I find small diapers too short. I find medium diapers WAY too big. I heard dry 24/7 are good has anyone tried the smalls?

    I like the size of depends but hate the diaper because it leaks and is not a go out and about diaper. But the size for the small/medium depends is just about right.

    I want to wear abuniverse diapers, but they are just way too large. It drives me crazy. I really think it is about time they make a small. But a small that is small waste but still fits well for 5'5.

    Anyway thats my rant about diaper sizes.

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    Shouldn't be so damn skinny!

    Get a belly like the rest of us!

    *Rant about skinnies over*

    Dan x

    Dan x

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    Wow, I have the same problem. Mediums are always too big and small never fits right either. Tena makes a slightly larger small size which claims to fit up to 36 in waist. They are a little bigger than most small diapers so it should fit well. The wellness brief is sized smaller than most mediums and should fit nicely. Good luck, it can be hard to be between sizes but just be happy with what you do have rather than being sad about what you don't.

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    lol there is a size guide somewhere
    some people can easy fit medium in one brand but then find it too small in another brand
    best get some samples

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