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Thread: Just joined this site.

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    Default Just joined this site.

    I just joined. I have been on diaperspace for a long time though, tb123jeff there also. Mostly looking to talk to people near me and stuff.

    I play lots of video games, mostly PC because they need to get a new xbox to get me to come back to that. Next game I looking forward to is BF3.

    Hmmm. anyway hi.

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    Oh, and thats paint not wallpaper in my picture before you ask.

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    Dang! That was totally the first thing I was gonna say!

    Hello and welcome!

    What's wrong with XBox, huh? Why you gotta hate, man?

    Dan x

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    Yay go PC! Also whoever painted your room must have been a great painter . Anyway welcome to ADISC, I hope you enjoy it here and make lots of friends!

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