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Thread: Ghosts- Do you believe in them?

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    Default Ghosts- Do you believe in them?

    So as the title states, this thread is about ghosts. I got the idea while watching a show about them.

    This may be an abomination to some's religion, and I apologize for that- but I've always been interested in ghosts/paranormal activity and UFOs too for that matter. So what do you think? Are we forever gone to wherever when we die, or do you think there is a time where the spirits of those passed on, are left in our world among us mortals?

    Personally, I think there are certain things that can tie a person's spirit to the earth after they die, perhaps something unfinished, or because they are simply afraid of what happend when they cross over, but I tihnk it's not only possible, but probable. The reason I say this, is because I've experienced and seen things that aren't really explainable in scientific terms. But I won't go into that, if you must know, ask me I guess- I don't care..

    Now a question for parents: Hypothetically, if your kid claimed that they have seen a ghost, or fairy, or a whizzing ball of light, would you believe them? Or would you do what most do, and say it was just a dream? It is in my honest opinion, that kids are more open to these things than we are. They aren't weighed down by the adult skepticism that often causes genuine ghost sightings to be ignored, or else ruled out in favor of a more "earthly" explanation. Most of them are more open to these things. If I ever have kids, unlikely, but meh.. I would definently take it seriously, maybe not completely, but I wouldn't make them feel stupid about it, like people do on these shows you see. "Oh, no honey, it was just a dream.." is just one of them. I believe that you should believe in whatever gift you have, and as a parent, you should also encourage that. I've talked to people who I believe genuinely have had paranormal experience, bt because of skepticisim, or ridicule they just ignore it, and thus they never see spirits again.

    My last question: Do you believe that you have seen a ghost before? If so, tell us about it if you want.
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    As you have said Chromos, due to the Skepticism and ridicule around the topic. I do not know if they truely exist or not.

    coming from a Science-y background you would epect me to say no and be some-what of an atheist. I am not though. I feel that life and reality is special and who ever was the creator was has made an amazing thing and proves to develop itself to what it is today. So ghosts and the afterlife are plausible ideas for me.

    I have never really had first hand expereince of witnessing a ghost. But my parents say that have and expereinced other phonomen. One of them being that in an old house, one clock that had no batteries that was reset to 12 o clock. (but who really hangs up a dead clock anyway? It would do my head in!) But every night it would change itself to 2:15 or similar time. And this happened everytime it was reset to 12. They say that the previous ocupant died at displayed time.

    Thats one of their stories but i do beleive half of them are possible.

    The most I ever had was mainly concluded as an illusion from a sensory or brain 'trick'. Mostly being that you could temperaly 'inburn' light on your eye if you turn the lights on for example. You have most likely have expereinced this yourself. But it used to scare me as a kid :P I thought they were monsters at night .

    Or that I happened to be thinking about ghosts and while i am in a dark a very faint outline emerges. I put this down to tiredness and my imagantion going mad like it does when you think out these things.

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    I don't think ghosts are real. If they were, I think we'd know it by now.

    If I ever saw one, I'd assume that I was mistaken somehow...

    If my child saw one... I dunno. I probably wouldn't believe them, kids say silly things. :p

    Derren Brown did a show once, where he invited people to try to contact this woman who had died. It was really great, he got them to talk to her beyond the grave... and they found out all sorts of details about her... the usual remarkable crap you get with ghosts on TV. And at the end of the show, we find out that this dead woman is actually alive! She walks into the room. (Basically proving that all this talking to ghosts stuff you hear about is rubbish...)

    You hear all kinds of stories, but I think I'd need to experience a ghost directly before I'd even think about believing in them.

    Hmmm... after my friend died, for the first few weeks I did sometimes see him, like in the distance, through the corner of my eye. But I don't think that counts!

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    Actually, Martin- the corner of your eye is the most sensitive part, so it COULD count!
    (gives you something to think about, doesn't it?)

    What happened to Darren Brown? Even though his show was mostly set up, I still liked it!

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    Yes, I do beleive in ghosts. I mean, if a person has a spirit, they might as well be ghosts. Makes you wonder...if they live in your house! They know your secrets!

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    you know it, I got a paranormal group called Oblivions Raising that investigates ghosts worldwide ^^

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    I dont realy beleve in ghosts but I dont not beleve in them if I see one I will beleve but alot of things u see or hear can be wrong

    Beleve nothen if what u hear and only half of what u see

    Oh and as for UFOs I dout we are alone int the universe but I dont think there little green men that want to kill us all

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    I believe in ghosts/spirits/supernatural beings/whatever you want to call them.

    I lived in a 'haunted house' as a teen. In fact my mum and I both heard the same thing at the same time one time. We were sitting in the living room and heard someone come in through the kitchen door and call out "is anyone home?" mum sent me out to see who was there...there was no one in any of the rooms, and when I went out into the summer kitchen (back porch) the outside door was still locked from the inside!

    Another time I was playing piano in the living room and heard someone come in, walk through the house and up the stairs, across the floor above and then back and down the stairs. As the footsteps descended the stairs I heard someone call my name (or what I thought was my name...apparently it was the name of the lady who had lived (and died) in the house prior to our moving there).

    Yet another time I was practicing playing the organ prior to a memorial service for a lady who had died & was cremated. Her ashes were near the altar, to my left. I kept seeing something (her?) in the pews (off to my right) but when I looked directly there was nothing there. I was certain it was her, she was wearing a brown coat and sitting where she always sat on Sunday mornings.

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    I guess I do. Spirits manifesting themselves as visual objects.

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