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Thread: Hello everyone ^^

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    Talking Hello everyone ^^

    I have been informed that I should not be a chicken, and start my own thread.

    I posted my short intro in my boyfriend/ baby boy's thread, but oh well.

    I'm Rainbow, and I'm Tafshin's mommy ^^

    A little about me.

    I'm a 20 year old college student, also from Oklahoma.

    Shin and I have an apartment together, and have been living together for a year. We've been dating aaaalmost 2 years and a half years, and have recently decided to explore his interest in infantilism.

    When he first told me about it, I was accepting, and not into it at the time, and told him if/ when the time was right, I would think more seriously about how I would be involved.

    After a few hit and miss tries, we finally worked up enough courage to explore and tried 3 different types diapers before finding a nice cheap brand he likes.

    We are also into BDSM, and I regularly attend munches and play parties in my area.

    I'm new to being a Mommy, but so far I love it, and hope to find some friends here. = )

    I have also been informed Jessica may maul me. Bring it!

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    I was sure I calmed her down in the IRC, I didnt want her to spook you e_e


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    Me? Be spooked? My best friends are 16 and 17 year old high school girls. I have seen and heard things that would make your brain melt.

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    You're trying to get a spanking. >.>

    K, I'm off for the night. Hope to get to talk more with people tomorrow.
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    Hi errbody ^^

    Gonna try to get on IRC in a bit.

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    hi rainbowmommy from lilandy very nice to meet ya i am kinda new here and still trying to work the site out . i think am slowly geting it rite.

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