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Thread: Quick Question about XPMed/UPS Store

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    Question Quick Question about XPMed/UPS Store

    Heya everyone. Forgive me if this has been asked before, but I have a question about the possibility of having XP Medical deliver not to my house, but rather to a local UPS Store where I would be able to pick up the package at my convenience (by biking there).

    Does anyone have any experience with this? How is it done? How much does it cost? What info do you provide XP with? (that was...a lot of questions).

    Also, I've just finished using a small 16 pack of teddy bambinos. While they were great in almost every way, I ran in MANY problems with the tapes. Part of this is probably due to me putting the tapes on too tightly, but anyway.

    Are the tapes on dry 24/7, which I plan on ordering, decent?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Honestly, I'd say call the UPS store and asking, I know some of their prices change based on location.

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    I would send Gary at XP an E-mail asking him if they would do this. I know they normally use fedex so I am not sure if they can do this. Gary there is great & will answer any & all of your questions promptly.

    Gary Evans
    Email: [email protected]

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    Yes it's possible. I get all my mail at the UPS Store as I have a Personal Mail Box PMB there.

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    The tapes on the Dry 24/7 are very good - and although I've not used the Teddy's, I have used the new Abena Air Plus diapers which are similar. I like the Dry 24/7 tapes MUCH better than the Abena/Teddy's.

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    My only suggestion is to make sure that the recipient (you) is listed in the shipment in a way that won't present any problem when you go to pick it up, if you will have to interact with a clerk. A private box where you have a key avoids this probably but if the package is oversized or the box number isn't printed or you use an alias you could run into problems.

    Listing "resident" as your name is asking for trouble.

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    Xp uses FedEx not UPS for their shipping, just an FYI. If you have any.concerns though, you will definitely want to email Gary, their customer service is excellent.

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    Do you rent a box at the UPS store? If so, it shouldn't be a problem. UPS store boxes can receive shipments from any carrier. I am guessing you are asking about hold for pickup service, however, which a UPS store won't do. UPS stores are independently owned franchises that merely use the UPS brand name. If you are looking for hold for pickup service, the package needs to be delivered to a regional UPS hub which is a lot different from a UPS store. The only way to know if XP will do this is to call or email Gary at XP and ask. UPS will hold packages for up to 5 days free of charge at their hubs and they will need your phone number so they can call you when it is ready for pickup.

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