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    Talking Hi Everyone

    Im not really good at introductions, so here it goes. I work at an auction. I mainly just work all day, and hang out with my buds all night. I took a year at college for the trades, but it really wasnt my cup of tea.
    I started to realize that I wanted diapers again when I was 6yrs old. I never really had any access to them untill about 3 years ago, when I started to buy them. What a life turnrer(for the good).
    I dont really do much anymore. I used to be a drummer, but I had droped it for more time for college. I'm into videogames, all systems. I really enjoying going for a drive/ trail driving. I like all kinds of music, exept for country(no offence) also I love a good action movie.
    I joined this site because in hope to talk to people like myself, I really needed to tell someone. This is the first time I ever opened up and talked about my ABDL intrest and lifestyle.

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    Hey there!

    Pretty decent intro! Nice to meet you

    Sorry to hear you dropped drumming - it sounds like an awesome skill to have. Any plans to retake it up?

    Also, trail driving? Care to explain to a dumbass UK'er who suffers different definitions? I'm mad on driving and this sounds veeeeery interesting to me

    And while you're at it, you may as well lay out your favourite video games and systems, too We have a vast array of gamers here so I'm sure you'll find a friend amongst them!

    Welcome, and just enjoy yourself here.

    Dan x

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    Hi there, welcome to the site!

    Good call on coming out on here - it's a lot safer and a lot less risky then irl! What is your favourite video game then? And best action movie you've seen recently?

    Hope you can make lots of friends here, we're a very nice group!

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    I also had no time for country growing up, certainly not pop country. I used to feel drums had no business in country music. I am older now and accept nearly all comers... but screamo. Except for the allied bank ad.

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    hi, and welcome
    what kinds of video games do ya play?

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