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Thread: Cannables in Railroad Tycoon 3

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    Default Cannables in Railroad Tycoon 3

    I was messing with the editor in RRT 3 and ended up setting a werehouse recipe so that it convertes 1 load of passengers to 4 loads of meat. Hate to endup at that werehouse.

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    xD, haven't played that game in so long (of note its cannibal by the way ). That is pretty awesome though, could make use of those damn passengers finally.

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    That's strange haha. It makes you wonder what the people were thinking when they made the game. Maybe it's a hidden message about one of there personal lives? Hehe, i kid, but really thats a interesting idea for a game, don't believe i've seen a cannibal game before :O

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    Acutally using the map editor you can set up warehouses to have almost any set up, such as 1 load of this cargo for X amount of another cargo, or it just imports or exports a cargo type. A map can have 12 warehouse set-ups, with each wearhouse having 5 "recipes" per house. The one cargo type for another cargo type has many possabilties. In realiy it's the games natrual works do thier job. Basicly what the warehouse pitchured about does is takes one load of passangers off the at the stations it's located at creates 4 loads of meat. Just like the meat packing plant takes one load of livestock off the map and creates one load of meat.

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