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Thread: Hi, i'm new to the site.

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    Default Hi, i'm new to the site.

    (as stated abouve) I'm new to the site, I am 20 years old. Got into diapers over a curiousity killed the cat typ of thing when i was 7 or 8, I'm pretty sure I'm classified as a diaper lover/user. anyways, i love reading fantasy typs of stories. Not exactly sure what i could contribute to the community, seeing as I'm used to keeping to myself. not sure what else to put here.

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    You should definitely check out some of the stories in the Finished stories forum. I recommend those by Baby Jake and Chromos. Welcome to the site.

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    Welcome. I'm new too, just joined today. Same age as you, actually. Though my whole wanting to wear was when I was like 5.

    Anyway, my advice is if your used to keeping to yourself, lurk around for abit and then post here and there =3

    Worked for me and now I try and post wherever its interesting x3

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    Hello, and welcome to our community. I'm sure that you will like it here and feel welcomed. It is a wealth of information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wingzero. View Post
    seeing as I'm used to keeping to myself. not sure what else to put here.
    So am I and I've got 600+ posts. Post around, you'll find it fun! ^_^ Welcome to ADISC and have fun.

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